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At LED World we manufacture our own goods from scratch. Every part is carefully assembled by our own team at our own factory. We are not resellers.

LED Lighting Manufacturer

Lights consist of a number of different components put together to create the finished product. The aluminium body, also known as the casing, goes around the rest of the light. Each product also has a 12V driver that powers the light. And last but not least, we have the LED chips or LED bulbs, which serve as the actual light source.

Since we do the work ourselves, we can assure quality starting from the raw materials and going all the way to the final product. All lamps are tested for 72 hours to make sure everything is working properly before being sent to our warehouse.

Our combination of competitive pricing and high quality is made possible by the fact that we don’t go down the traditional supply chain (manufacturer to importer to wholesaler to electrician to customer). By cutting out the “middlemen” we are able to reduce cost and lead time and ensure that products are exactly as you expect.

Support for Lighting Supply

LED World offers 2D and 3D lighting plans to help you start and complete your project successfully.

A 2D plan will usually include lighting calculations and specifications for fitting positions. The lighting calculations will tell you the lumens, also known as lux outputs, as they will appear on the floor. The positions of the fittings indicate where each light will be located when installed at the end of the project, serving as a guide for the installer. The price of a 2D plan is $99+GST.

A 3D plan tells you how the lights will actually display on the merchandise. This is a close visual representation of what the finished project will look like in real life. These are made using the software programs relux and dialux and cost $299 + GST. 3D plans can be completed within 7 days.

In addition to lighting plans, LED World offers customers support, including full spec sheets, advice on project management, and expert guidance from our lighting consultants.

We are passionate about lighting, and have years of experience in the industry. Our customers always come first, and our primary our first priority is ensuring that they’re happy with our service. Due to our passion for and expertise in lighting services we are able to offer top assistance and quality for the best possible pricing. You won’t find a better deal on the market.

Lighting Supply Lead Times

Our most frequently purchased products are LED track lighting in black and white, at 15W, 30W or 40W power levels.

15W Track Lighting: This solution is commonly used in residences, art galleries or retail shops with ceilings under 2.8 metres in height. The size is 157mm length x 65mm diameter, and colour temperature options are 3000K (warm) and 5500K (cool). This track lighting comes with wall dimming standard, with an option for onboard dimming if you wish to dim each light fitting individually.

30W Track Lighting: 30W track lights are normally used for ceiling heights over 3 metres in applications like retail shops, showrooms, and art galleries. The size is 157mm x 84mm, and colour temperatures available are 3000K (warm) and 5500K (cool). Standard 30W track lighting is non-dimmable, but can be made dimmable upon request.

40W LED Track Lighting: The 40W LED track light is used in ceilings ranging from 4 to 6 meters. Common applications are showrooms, art galleries, and retail shops. The size of these lights is 182mm x 104mm and available colour temperatures are 3000K (warm) and 5500K (cool).

We deliver our products to just about anywhere in Australia, including all states, and can handle short lead times with quick deliveries.

Linear LED Lighting Supply

Our LED linear profile lights are one of our most flexible light fittings. The standard lengths are 1, 2 and 3 metres, while common colours include matte silver, black and white. The fittings can be cut to any length, down to the millimetre, and specially ordered in any colour. Depending on height and the look of the ceiling, linear profiles can be installed suspended, surface mounted or recessed.

For larger commercial projects, this product can be offered with competitive pricing and lead times. If the order is under 50 metres and needs to be powder-coated in black or white, we can produce the order in Australia in under two weeks. If the order is kept in the standard anodized silver colour, the lead time is much shorter, with completion possible within one week, even at custom lengths.

For various reasons, lighting is often left to the last minute. Sometimes everything else needs to come together in an application before it is possible to decide what lighting design to use, or the specified fittings end up being too expensive, resulting in a last minute attempt to look for a cheaper alternative. At LED World we are very responsive to these situations, because we want all of our customers to be able to finish their projects successfully. That’s why we manufacture our products ourselves, to guarantee less lead time while maintaining only the highest quality.

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Custom Lighting Products

If you have an idea for a custom light, we are happy to provide you with the cost to create a prototype or sample. This might be a custom track light, linear profile or something completely artistic like a big pendant, light box or any other light you can think of. After you receive a working sample, you test it in your desired environment. Once approved, it can be put into production.

Lead time on custom lighting products can be anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months, depending on complexity.

We strongly recommend always consulting with a lighting expert before starting your project. At LED World we offer quotes, lighting plans and expert advice from our professional lighting designers. You can always get a free 15-minute consultation by calling 1300 873 723 or email assistance on

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