Car Showroom Lighting Design Services

The 70/30 Rule Lighting Showrooms:

As a part of our showroom lighting design services, LED World offers a range of tips and advice to achieve best possible showroom lighting. A standard rule we always share with our customers as basics is to divide the light source the right way, which is a great and flexible privilege that comes with LED track lighting. The rule of thumb is to aim 70% of light onto the product while 30% is aimed at walkways. This will bring attention to the actual products and leaves less room for surrounding distraction. The walkway lighting in a showroom should always stick to being functional lighting only.

Dimming and Light Levels Showrooms:

When seeking showroom lighting design services, you might be wondering what some of the lighting components for a professional looking showroom are. The human eye always responds well to different light levels which is why dimming often is an essential part of a successful lighting design. There are a few different dimming options available depending on the tracks and range of lighting you choose.

Single circuit track – this track type allows for dimming of all the lights at the same from a wall switch and is a part of the standard track lighting range. It’s a simple dimming method to use when all you want is a general dimming in your showroom.

3 wire (4 circuit) track – as a part of our high-end range you can achieve group dimming and onboard dimming when using a 3 wire track. The group dimming allows you to dim the light fittings in three different groups from a wall switch. Onboard dimming is used when you want to dim each light fitting individually which is done on the light fitting itself. With these dimming methods, you have more freedom to play around with the lighting levels and use different intensity of light onto different areas of the showroom which will contribute to that deluxe feeling you might be looking for in your application.

Lighting Product Choices in Showrooms:

In our track lighting range, you can choose between a 15W, 30W and 40W light output. In most cases, you wouldn’t need to use a light stronger than 30W unless you’d happen to have a very tall ceiling in your art gallery where a really strong light is needed in order to reach the whole way down.

Track lighting will always be on the top list of lights to use in a showroom; not only because of the subtle and elegant design but also in the matter of flexibility. There is no other lighting type on the market that can offer so much freedom to adjust, move around and customize the lighting as much as with LED track lights. In an application like a showroom, there is a high chance you’ll change displays around and have constantly rotating objects in need of different types of illumination.

With track lighting, you can simply move the tracks up and down the tracks as well as replace and add fittings to the track. You can also dim the lights up and down depending on what mood you want to achieve for current displays. Last but not least, you can form any type of track configurations by simply clicking the tracks together. With all these features, there is no match adjusting the lighting design to new displays in no time.

Consulting with Showroom Lighting Design Services:

A good start on your lighting project is to get a lighting plan made in order to get a clearer idea of what your lighting design is going to look like in the big picture. A 2D plan will give you a map showing the positioning of the lights, lighting calculation which tells you how many light fittings you will need and a simple overview of the full project. This will not only help you but whoever is involved in the project to e.g. know where to install the fittings and how to target the project etc.

For a $99 design fee, you will have a full 2D plan made that you can hand directly to your electrician for installation and the exact location of where the products should be installed. It really is worth getting a lighting plan done as the way your products appear will ultimately decide how well the product sells.

Apart from getting a lighting plan done, we highly recommend you to contact a lighting expert before getting started with your project. LED World offers 2D/3D lighting plans, quotes and best possible showroom lighting design services to get all the tips and tricks you need. Call (02) 8091 2950 for a 15-minute free consultation with one of our professional lighting designers or contact us via email [email protected]