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Why Engage With An Architectural Lighting Consultant?

Few people realize that there is a lot of science behind lighting that greatly affects humans both physically and psychologically.

Have you ever wondered, for example, why the shirt that you bought at H&M the other day looked so good on you in the change room, but suddenly appeared completely different when you tried it on in front of your bedroom mirror? Perhaps you often suffer from headaches at work? Or find yourself strangely attracted to a leather couch on sale at IKEA?

The contributing factor in all these cases was most likely the choice of lighting. It can affect our emotions, the choices we make and even our physical health.

Not being aware of the science of lighting can result in making purchasing decisions that prevent your project from living up to its full potential. For example, an amazing art gallery with the wrong illumination could have art that looks no better than if it were hung on a wall at the supermarket around the corner.

Luckily there are experts available who can help you optimizing your space by using the very best lighting design and products. Consulting with an expert is strongly recommended before taking on any lighting project. Conducting an architectural lighting consultation will help you not only create an application that is appealing, but one that produces the outcome you’re striving for.

A lighting consultant would, for example, know that the shirt looked better on you at H&M because the lighting of the fitting room had a high CRI level that made the colours look vibrant. The consultant would also know that the lighting at your job is insufficient, making your eyes work too hard resulting in that headache. And the lighting expert would also realize that the leather couch at IKEA was pinpointed by a professional spotlight to make it stand out from the rest of the products.

These are things that most likely wouldn’t occur to someone who isn’t a lighting specialist. This is why getting a consultation before starting a lighting project is so important: being aware of the cause and effect of lighting can let you achieve incredible results.

What is the Process for Working With Us?

Getting in touch for an expert lighting consultation is probably a lot easier than you think. LED World conducts the majority of its consultations online or over the phone; often, even a 15 minute chat can be enough to get you going in the right direction. The lighting consultation can cover what you want to achieve, what lighting system to use, how many fittings are required, installation distance from walls and ceilings, and anything else you might need for the project.

Whether you already have a completed lighting plan from a designer, or you need something created from scratch for a renovation or a makeover, LED World can help. We can make you a 2D or 3D plan based on different factors like ceiling height, furniture arrangement and other relevant project parameters.

Which Clients Do We Work With?

Our clients come from a range of different industries and backgrounds. Clients who frequently request lighting consultation include retail designers, architects, interior designers, owner builders, and many more.

We often help our customers with lighting applications in retail stores, offices, art galleries, and showrooms. Our lighting experts can help with any application in need of good lighting.

What Does it Cost to Work With a Lighting Consultant?

Prices vary considerably depending on your needs and the state of your project. We always offer 15 minutes of free lighting consultation over the phone, where we can determine if the project is simple enough to not need a lighting plan. If a 2D plan is needed, the price is generally $99+GST, while more complex 3D plans and documentation start at $299+GST.

For your convenience, we offer consultation, lighting designs and competitive pricing followed by fast delivery of the products straight to your doorstep.

Call 1300 873 723 or email today for expert advice on your upcoming project, as well as quotes and lighting plans. LED World always offers a 15-minute free lighting consultation over the phone to help you get your project up and running in no time!

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