Wholesale LED Track Light Supplier


LED World is a wholesale led track spot supplier that offer products with exceptional quality and competitive pricing. We are able to offer products at such good pricing as we manufacture the products ourselves cutting out many of the middlemen along the supply chain.

Wholesale 15W LED Track Light Supplier

Our 15W led track light is 157mm long and 65mm round and comes in matte black and white. The lighting colours are 3000K, 4000K and 5500K. This track light has got a neat cylinder shaped design which offers low-level lighting in commercial and residential settings with a dimming option included.

This light fitting is commonly used in applications like art galleries, offices and certain retail shops as well as residentially. It’s generally used where the ceiling is set at three meters and a stronger light would look too bright and distracting.

Art Galleries

As this light fitting has got a dimming effect on in, it turns out ideal for art galleries with a low ceiling where you want to create a certain mood or atmosphere in addition to what’s on display as it can really change the overall impression of an exhibition.


In an office it’s important to create a pleasant work atmosphere in order to keep the employees focused and happy. What type of light is chosen in the workspace can have a huge impact on the efficiency of the people spending time in it. The ideal illumination in an office is usually to focus most of the light onto desks and the remaining on the walkways. This way the attention ends up on the actual work area which will keep the employees away from surrounding distractions. The 15W led light fittings are perfect for this category as the light won’t come on too strong and interrupt but still be bright enough to keep the employees focused on their tasks. The dimmable effect comes in great handy here as well as it allows workers to change the intensity of light as they prefer.

Retail Shops

In a retail shop you’d normally use a stronger led light fitting like 30W or 40W, but the 15W fitting is a great option for stores where the ceiling is set very low and a higher watt would end up looking too bright on the displays.


The most common are to install this light fitting in a home is above kitchen benches as it provides great illumination for cooking and cleaning tasks as well as for aesthetic reasons due to the dimming effect.

Wholesale 30W LED Track Light Supplier

The 30W led light fitting looks very similar to the 15W but slightly bigger. The size is 157mm long and 84mm round. It’s available in matte black and white and the lighting colours are 3000K, 4000K and 5500K. It comes in the previously mentioned, sleek cylinder design. Wall dimming is also included.

This light fitting is normally used in applications with a higher ceiling where the light needs to be strong in order to reach the displays properly. The general rule is to use this light for ceilings that are above three meters only.


Showrooms – due to its strength, the 30W is a great fit for showrooms where the idea is to display the products as clear and professional as possible so that the products look the way they’re supposed to in the eyes of the customers.

Retail shops – in a retail shop it’s all about sales and to making sure the customer’s attention is focused on the right targets. The 30W is great for highlighting certain things like different brands or distinct sections of the store. Because of the dimming effect it also gives you the option to create different moods and atmospheres in the shop as well as giving general displays optimal illumination.

Art galleries – as art galleries often have a range of art pieces in different shapes and sizes it’s important to use a light that’s flexible and easy to work with in order to bring out the true beauty of the items. The 30W led light fitting is excellent for this type of project as you can use different beam angles for pinpointing single items or to wall wash a bigger area of the exhibition. Because of its high CRI (Color Rendering Index), this light will also make the colours of the art look as vivid and clear as possible.

Wholesale 40W LED Track Light Supplier

Just as the above mentioned led light fittings, the 40W comes in matte black and white with the lighting colours 3000K, 4000K and 5500K. The size is 182 mm long and 104 mm round and it’s got the same cylinder shape as the other track light fittings. This track fitting allows dimming from the wall as well.

The 40W light fitting is mainly used for applications with a very tall ceiling, in general between 4-6 meters in height. Applications that use this track light are shopping centres, walkways and churches etc. where the light needs to be strong and bright in order to reach the targets.

Beam Angles

These three track lights all come with different beam angles which make it possible for you to adjust the light after displays, sizes and areas etc. As mentioned above, you can for example pinpoint or wall wash things. If you, for example, need to pinpoint a smaller item you’d choose a narrow beam angle, whereas for wall washing you’d use a wide angle to create an even illumination that covers a larger area. The angles available are 15, 30 and 60 degrees.


These track lights come in 4 wire (3 circuit) that allows dimming from a wall switch which comes in handy where the light are to high to reach – and single circuit that allows onboard dimming for each individual light on the track. The single circuit is used in places with low ceilings where the lights can be physically reached from a chair. This type of dimming can be used to give each separate object their own intensity of light which can have a great impact on the look of an art exhibition for example.

Every application is different which often makes it tricky to know what’s the best fit for your particular project. LED World’s got the answers to all questions you might have about your project and offer 2D/3D lighting design plans for your convenience. Call (02) 8091 2950 for a 15 minute free consultation with a lighting designer or email us today.
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