Surface Mount Track Lighting

What is surface mount track lighting?

Surface mounted track lights are most commonly used in low set ceiling where the led track lights are attached straight onto the ceiling surface. The track light heads then fit directly into a lightweight track system which runs along the ceiling. These lights can be moved up and down the track as well as being removed to be placed on other tracks in an indoor area when required.

These features make the surface mounted tracks into a very flexible light fitting as you have the opportunity to control the positions of the light outputs and adjust them accordingly to displays or objects in the room etc. It also allows you to form any shape with the tracks to fit your application specifically. This is done by simply clicking the tracks together. Some commonly used shapes are for example straights lines for long, rectangular rooms, squares to illuminate all four walls of a room and U-shaped for more illumination at the back and sides of a room, while the entrance stays darker.

How to Install Surface Mount Track Lighting

Surface mounting is the most simple way of installing track lighting. The tracks come with pre-drilled holes at the end of each meter which goes directly into the surface of the ceiling. The surface mount track lighting goes onto plaster, steel and most ceiling surfaces where screws can be drilled when installing the tracks.

When is surface mount track lighting used?

Surface mounting is in general used for a track lighting system that goes onto a lower ceiling rather than a taller one. They’re most commonly used on ceilings with a height from 2.7-3.0 meters where you wouldn’t need to bring the lights down any further to get the desired strength of light output. It’s also important that the application holds the right type of ceiling. Ceilings like open or concrete ceilings have a surface that is very hard to attach anything directly onto which requires you to use a different mounting method.

In a ceiling between 3-6 meters, you can use a track system with suspension kits and hang them from the ceiling in order to bring them down on a lower level.

Saving Money With Track Lighting Installation

There is a common misconception saying that downlights are the cheapest option on the market. Downlights’ initial purchase price might be much cheaper but the installation cost is a lot higher due to the mounting method you need to use. In a commercial setting, you need to bring a wire to every downlight which can cost between $100 and $150+ GST just in labor fees.

The track from systems on the other hand, will initially cost you a lot more for the track head and the track, but the installation cost is a lot cheaper. The installation is very simple as the tracks can be screwed on directly to the ceiling without the help from an electrician. The lights can then clip into the track. All that need to be done by an electrician is the actual live power that is added to one end of the tracks (unless you have a 3-pin plug you can access). Most surface mount track can in fact, be installed by the regular handyman.

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