Small Track Lighting Fixtures

Standard LED track lighting has grown to be a highly regarded lighting type to use both residentially and commercially in all sorts of applications. The most common fittings are the standard sized track lighting that is commonly used in places like retail shops art galleries and showrooms. If however, you’re planning the lighting design in a smaller sized application, you may want to use the smaller range of track lighting as they give a more discreet impression in a small application. Your application may e.g. have a very low ceiling where the bigger range track lighting would come across as a bit chunky and attention-stealing.

Small track lighting may also be suitable for applications where you simply don’t want the lighting to be a big centerpiece, but to bring as little attention as possible to the actual lighting design. In these cases, the lighting is rather used as a tool to enhance the rest of the interior. If you want to keep your lighting design as minimal as possible, you can also choose to recess the tracks into the ceiling surface for very subtle lighting.

What colors does small track lighting come in?

The small 15W LED track lighting come in the colours black and white with matching tracks that go with more or less any colourways the rest of your interior may have. There is also the Satin Chrome available which is an even smaller sized light fitting with a 10W light output. The track of this light fitting is however not satin chrome specifically but still come in a silver colour to match.

What sizes does small track lighting come in?

The small 15W LED track lighting in black and white come in the dimensions 160mm(L) x 50mm(H). There is also a 10W model available in this size.

The smaller 10W Satin chrome come in a size of 100mm(L) x 50mm(H).

Where do small track lights get installed?

Small track lighting is commonly used in residential spaces such as kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and more. Their size makes them very discreet and easy to fit into any home regardless of the interior style. The lights can e.g. be used as wall art lighting, task lighting in a kitchen or as pleasant general lighting in a living room just to mention a few fields of residentail applications.

The smaller sized track lights are also installed in commercial applications such as museums, art galleries and retail stores where they often are used as shelf lighting or to illuminate smaller displays and objects in a somewhat more subtle way than the bigger track lighting.

Small Spot Lighting:

In some application, it’s not necessary to install the actual track that the track lighting comes with, when e.g. only one or a few light fittings may be needed in a more stationized purpose. You can then turn your track light into individual downlights/spotlights by using an adaptor plate that goes directly into the ceiling surface. This adaptor plate can also be surface mounted for quick and easy installation.

Lighting Plans and Advice:

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