Round Track Lighting

Track lighting is one of the most flexible types of light systems as it allows you to move the lights up and down the tracks as well as point them in any direction. This is one of the reasons they’ve become a common occurrence in applications like retail shops and art galleries, where displays often change in look, size and position. They’re also used for their elegant and discreet design with a neat cylinder shaped light fittings.

Cylinder Track Lighting and Different Shapes

The cylinder track lighting comes in 1,2 and 3-metre lengths but can be built into about any required shape. Straight lines are common in art galleries and retail shops where there are long wall spaces. Rectangular configurations with centred straight lines can be used in box shaped rooms where all walls are in of illumination as well as displays in the middle of the room. U-shapes are used when the back and two side walls need main focus while the entrance is kept darker. The different configuration options allow for endless of possibilities to fit all sorts of application designs.

The different configuration designs in combination with the sleek cylinder shape of the lights can give a room an aesthetic, architectural appeal, customised for the chosen application.

Oval Track Lighting and How to Install

Oval Track lighting can either be surface mounted or suspended from the ceiling. Surface mounting usually happens in low set ceilings under three metres in length where the lights end up on the most convenient level when fixed straight onto the ceiling and no suspension is needed. Suspension of the tracks can be done in higher ceilings in order to bring the lights closer to the floor and this way achieve desired light output.

Rounded Track Lighting and Dimming:

The rounded track lighting leaves you with two different dimming options. There is the 3 circuit (4 wire) track that allows you to group dim the lights from a wall switch – and the single circuit that offers onboard dimming on top of each individual light. The wall dimming is mostly used in applications with a tall ceiling where the light fittings are too hard to reach while the onboard dimming is common for lower set ceilings where you can reach the lights from a chair and dim the lights individually to fit specific displays and art pieces for example.

Spherical Track Lighting and RCP Layouts

The lighting design and planning of a store or an application is very important as it will determine the final outcome. This is successfully done through 2D and 3D plans.

A 2D plan usually offers lighting calculations and positions of the fittings. The lighting calculations are the lumens (LUX outputs) of the lights and where that light appears on the floor. The positions of the fittings are where those lights will be located when installed at the end of the project so whoever is installing the product knows where to put them. The price of a 2D plan is $99 + GTS.

A 3D plan shows how the lights actually display on the merchandise. It’s about as real as you can get before committing to a particular design in a visual representation. A 3D plan which shows lighting calculations costs $300 + GTS.

Circular Track Lighting for Commercial Use

15W – this product is 157mm long x 65mm round and is available in black and white. Beam angles are 15/38 and colour temperatures comes in 3000/5500K.

30W – the size of this product is 157mm x 84mm. The beam angles are 38/45 and colour temperatures come in 3000/5500K. Colour available are black and white.

40W – the 40W comes in black and white and is 182 x 104mm in size. Colour temperatures are 3000/5500K and beam angles available are 38/45.

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