ERCO Track Lighting

ERCO has been a well-respected specialist in the field of architectural lighting since its founding in 1934. Although ERCO has been around for more than 75 years it has maintained its leading position by staying up to date with current trends and technology. Its recent innovations have seen ERCO move exclusively to using LED lighting for all their products which reflect the demand for energy efficiency. With a worldwide presence, the company has been able to provide its innovative lighting solutions for thousands of applications such as museums, art galleries, retail spaces, offices, homes, and public spaces.

Our replacement for ERCO track lights have the functionality and style to perform as an excellent substitute. We offer the features of the ERCO range as well as the added versatility of adjustable beam angles. This is particularly useful for settings in which the lighting arrangement may change from time to time, such as in an art gallery where the curated exhibits will require their own specialised lighting needs. The advantage of our track lighting is that it allows you to go from spot light to wide beam angle. It has onboard dimming which allows you to adjust light levels of each light and create the perfect ambiance for your space. DALI dimming and digital dimming are also an optional feature for our track light system.

We offer 95 CRI light colours and anti-lens glare with our track light systems and in the context of art galleries, this is especially important for proper viewing of all art works including photography, paintings, sculptures, abstract art, pop art, etc.

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L.E.D World Track Light vs ERCO Track Light

ERCO Track Light For Art Gallery Australia

At LED World, we carry a range of track lighting that can be substituted to replace ERCO track lights. We understand the kind of investment that lighting fixtures can be in terms of maintenance and ongoing costs and we take pride in our ability to offer high-quality products with competitive pricing to provide excellent value. We make every effort to collaborate with you on finding the right product for the right application. We manufacture all our products ourselves and offer them to you directly to ensure quality control. Our products go through rigorous testing throughout the manufacturing process- from the selection of materials to testing the finished product.

With the experience of having successfully completed over a hundred lighting projects, we are proud to serve our clients and offer great value in the products we offer.

Replacement Options

Le art

The Le Art series of gallery lighting has gained popularity throughout Australia, United States, Europe and United Kingdom markets in recent years. 

Comparable to leading brands like ERCO, this high end fitting transforms how galleries are illuminated with its diverse functionality and seamless and simplistic aesthetic design. Click here to find out more about the Le Art.

Le art II

The Le Art II fitting is the perfect replacement fixture for your ERCO art gallery lights. Featuring one of the highest lumen outputs and CRI on the market, it is a perfect, more affordable alternative to ERCO lights. Click here to find out more.