Office Track Lighting

Many people might not be aware of the fact that the lighting of an office has a huge effect on the wellbeing of the people working in it. The cheap and simple way to light up a place like an office would be to put fluorescent lights up that are throwing light everywhere, but what a lot of businesses don’t realise is how much they’ll miss out on using these type of lights for their employees to work in.

Lighting over Desks

In order to gain as much focus and efficiency as possible out of the employees of an office, you’d want to use track lighting as your first alternative. With track lighting, you have the option to focus the light on what’s important in order to bring the concentration to the person working. You can, for example, aim 70% of the illumination from the tracks on desks while the remaining 30% is aimed towards the walkways. This way you’ll end up with less surrounding distractions that may catch a worker’s attention from their actual tasks and with a high concentration of light output instead.

High Lighting Displays:

Not only is office track lighting good for desk illumination, it is also perfect for other important areas of an office space. They might, for example, have displays of the company values, a motivation for the employees, brand names, an employee of the month or displays to show monthly reports. For these multi-purpose areas within a space, office track lighting also offer great flexibility due to their ability to twist and turn the lights in any direction.

Other Light Fittings for Offices

If you are not lighting up desks or displays, general lighting is also needed within an office space. The best interior lighting for offices is the linear LED profile which comes in one, two and three-metre lengths and can be suspended or fixed to the ceiling depending on ceiling height.

Within this range, the office lighting that looks the best out of any is the up/down or direct-indirect style of lighting. The light shoots toward the ceiling and down toward the floor at the same time giving you an even and smooth illumination.

Office Track Lighting Layout

Desks: here track lights with a dimming effect should be used which give the employee the option to adjust the light to preferred strength for optimal focus and efficiency.

Displays: Office track lighting should be used for these areas keeping in mind the activity that will take place when designing the track configuration.

Walkways: Linear profile lights are best used for these areas as aesthetically they look architectural and have an excellent spread of light with 120-degree beam angles.

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