Large Track Lighting

Large track lighting has in the past few years grown to be a popular lighting type to use in various commercial applications such as retail stores, art galleries and showrooms. It is known to be one of the most flexible light fixtures on the market that gives you the freedom to create a lighting design carefully planned and customized after each individual application.

What colors does large track lighting come in?

The standard colours available for large track lighting are black and white. These are colours that easily blends it with the surrounding environment, making it easy for you to have a lighting design that matches any type and style of interior design. Along with the sleek cylinder shaped design of the light fittings, large track lighting can have most application looking neat and elegant without being an attention-stealer.

What sizes does large track lighting come in?

Large track lighting comes in two different models:

30W – this light fitting is our mid-sized light fitting which is 157mm long x 84mm diameter.

40W- this is our biggest track light fitting which is 182mm long x 104 diameter.

The tracks themselves come in 1,2 and 3-metre lengths that can be custom cut to fit the specific application ideally. The tracks can also be joined together to form different configurations, everything from straights and squares to round circles. This gives you the freedom to form a configuration perfect for the design and shape of your particular application.

Where do large track lights get installed?

Normally, large track lighting is used for commercial applications such as retail stores, art galleries, showrooms, office spaces and museums. Being an extremely flexible lighting fixture, they can be installed for numerous of different purposes depending on the type of application and its design.

As large track lighting come with a very high light output, it is normally only used in applications with a ceiling height of three meters and up. The 40W light fitting is rarely needed as the 30W provide sufficient lighting in most places, however, some applications like hotel lobbies or older style buildings may carry a very tall ceiling that would require the strongest possible light output in order to reach all the way down.

Lighting Plans and Advice:

We highly advise you to have a lighting plan made before getting started with your lighting project. This will help you to get a good overview of your project in whole to clearly see what needs to be done. It will also help your electrician and whoever is involved in the project to see exactly where the lights will be installed. A 2D lighting plan tells you where the lights will be located and how many fittings is needed. For an additional cost, you can also have a 3D plan made which will give you a close representation of how the lights will be displayed on different objects.

A 2D plan will cost you $99 and can be completed within a week. This can be handed straight into the hands of your electrician. For around $250 you will get a 3D plan made which will be ready in 5 days time. To have a lighting plan made is always well-invested money as it will save you a lot of trouble and give your application that professionally customized look that makes it stand out from the rest.

With over ten years in the lighting industry and a large number of completed projects, LED World can promise you top standard services with competitive pricing and the shortest lead time. We strongly recommend you to take those extra steps to gather all the information and advice you need in order to reach satisfactory in your project. Call (02) 8091 2950 today for lighting plans, quotes and a 15-minute free consultation with one of our lighting experts or email us on [email protected]