Track Lighting For Kitchen

15W fittings – track lights come in perfect use for kitchen areas due to their flexible illumination and simple design. The best-led track light to use here is the 15W fittings that give away a nice and bright illumination with minimal lens glare, ideally used over kitchen benches where you’d prepare food or clean for example. The sleek, cylinder shaped design comes in matte black and matte white. The size is 157mm long and 65mm round. This kitchen track lighting will also allow you to dim the light for different occasions or activities to create the desired atmosphere.

The purpose of Kitchen Lighting:

The kitchen track lighting is designed to create no shadows when you are working over a bench as it allows you to adjust the light toward certain directions when in a kitchen preparing food which leaves little room for distractions.

It’s a flexible light to use as you might have the light on full brightness for cooking and preparing and dim it down when you’re not active anymore and just want to brighten the room lightly for aesthetic reasons.

Ideas for Kitchen lighting:

The most common and ideal design for led track lights for the kitchen is to suspend the track lighting over kitchen benches as mentioned above. Usually, a kitchen bench will be around three meters in which you would place one 15W led track light for every 75cm. This will give you a nice and even illumination.

Other option for kitchen bench lighting:

Another alternative for kitchen benches is to suspend linear pendants above them that will give the kitchen a more aesthetic and architectural look rather that the more relaxed spot lights. These come in 1,2 and 3 metres and can be customized to any desired length within that scale. The size of the profile is 74x75mm and just as with the led track lights for the kitchen, it allows you to dim the light. Although the standard colours of this light is matte black and white, it can be ordered in basically any colour if needed which makes it very easy to fit the pendans well into any kitchen.

Light Colour used for Kitchen:

You should always use a cooler light colour like 5550K when it comes to task lighting as its brighter and will keep you focused and alert. This is always the rule of thumb when it comes to task areas. The warmer colours are sometimes used over the breakfast bench area when lighting up a kitchen to provide a homely illumination.

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