Track Lighting Industrial

Black Industrial Track Lights:

If you’re looking to create an industrial theme in your application, the matte black industrial track lighting systems is a perfect match that will add to the style.

Industrial Track Lighting System:

This industrial track lighting system is very flexible and easy to work with due to it’s endless possibilities to build into different shapes. The tracks come in 1,2 and 3-metre lengths, but can be customised to any length within that range. The tracks can be joined together by simply clicking into each other which can create any wanted shape. The most commonly occurring shapes are straight lines, squares and U-shapes. Straights can be used for long wall spaces with industrial track lighting running down one or two walls of the room. Squares are used when all four walls of a room need illumination – and U-shapes are common to use when you want to illuminate the back and two side walls of the application while keeping the entrance darker.

Suspended Industrial track light:

Many spaces with an open ceiling naturally get that industrial look where ceiling fans and ventilations etc might be exposed. In order to install a track system in these ceilings, a suspension kit is usually required as open ceilings are tricky to surface mount anything on. The suspension kit includes two silver wires from which the track lights hang from. The combination of the silver wires and the industrial track lights on an open ceiling is the ideal match and will instantly contribute to an overall stylistic industrial look in the room.

Options for Colours:

Although the matte black colour is a perfect option to make the track lighting industrial looking, you also have the choice to make your industrial track light in any colour wanted. Silver, copper and charcoal are other popular colours in the industrial category and can give the room that little extra something.

15/20/30W industrial track lights:

The industrial track lights come in 15,20 and 30W.

15W – 157mm long x 65mm round. This light fitting comes with wall dimming. Colour temperatures are 3000/5500K and beam angles come in 15/38.

30W – 157mm long x 84mm round. Colour temperatures are 3000/5500 and beam angles 38/45. Wall dimming is included.

Lighting Design

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