Energy Efficient Track Lighting

First, let’s talk about the different styles of track lighting which have been around before LED technology evolved. These older lighting types have become outdated due to inefficiency in maintenance, the cost of running, heat and light quality.

Halogen Track Lighting Bulbs

Halogen track lighting came in 50W, 100W, 150W, 200W and 400W bulbs. You can usually tell if a track lighting system has used halogen because it’s got a very thin long bulb. These products had a very warm colour temperature and often became very hot shortening the life of each bulb.

Metal Halide Track Lights:

The two most common metal halide track lights were 70W and 150W. The big problem with these lights was the colour rendering was terrible, toward the end of the bulb the light would turn into an awful green colour.

Maintenance on Track Lighting

Halogen lights would need maintaining almost every 2000 hours. That means in commercial places like retail you would need to replace the lights every 5 months. Replacing a halogen track light including the labour would usually cost around $80

Metal halide on the other hand if good quality bulbs were used, would last from 2-3 years. The problem with these lights was the control gear would also need high maintenance after a few years and the bulbs themselves were expensive. Replacing a track light that is metal halide including the labour will cost over $120 each time.

Running cost commercial lighting:

Metal halide and halogen running cost are very high, most commercial set ups would spend over $10,000 a year running 60 fittings and around 3 – $4000 in maintenance costs.

LED Energy Efficient Track Lighting

Now days you can install energy efficient track lighting that saves a huge amount on maintenance and running costs. You will find LED track lighting is so energy efficient that it can save up to 80% of the running cost compared to metal halide and halogen.

60 LED fittings will only cost you $1800 per annum to run in a commercial setting like a retail or showroom. On the other hand, the metal halide or halogen will cost over $10,000 in running costs alone.

The great thing about energy efficient track lights is they produce no heat and require very little to almost no maintenance throughout the lifetime of the product which is usually 35,000 hours.

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