Designer Track Lighting

Our designer LED track lighting has become a popular occurrence in all sorts commercial applications as well as residentially thanks to its great flexibility and subtle design. The light fittings are available in a standard range and our higher-end range that leaves you with a lot of different options and alternative to create the perfect lighting design for your specific application.

The standard colours of our designer track lighting are black and white with matching tracks. These are blendable colours that go with most interior styles and colourways. The fittings come with a sleek cylinder shaped design that gives an application a clean and architectural touch while not stealing too much attention.

Light output and size specifications:

15W- 157mm long x 65mm diameter

30W – 157mm long x 84mm diameter

40W – 182mm long x 104mm diameter

Standard range – these are the 15W designer track lighting that comes with a 15 and 38-degree beam angle which allows you to create narrow spotlighting as well as wide wall washing effects. It also comes with wall dimming that lets you dim all the light fittings at once from a wall switch.

High-end – our higher end range includes the 30W and 40W light fittings that come with a 15-90 degree beam angle allowing you to create everything from narrow spotlighting to very wide wall washing. This range also comes with onboard dimming or group dimming as an alternative to the standard wall dimming, which allows you to dim the lights in groups or individually.

Designer Track Lighting Systems:

Track configurations – The systems come in a 1,2 or 3-metre track that can be custom cut specifically for given application. One of the many flexibilities of the designer track lighting is the option to form different configurations by simply joining the tracks together. Some common configurations are to use straight lines, squares/rectangles and u-shapes. How the tracks should be joined varies a lot depending on the design and shape of the application. If you e.g. have a long rectangular space you can run one or two straight lines of tracks throughout the application to illuminate the two side walls. If you have a square application you can also form a square or a U-shape with your tracks and so on. It’s all about finding what benefits your particular application the most and where you need the lights to hit.

Mounting methods:

Your designer track lighting can be mounted to the ceiling in a few different ways depending on look and height of the ceiling. If your application carries a ceiling under three metres, you will achieve sufficient lighting by using a 15W light fitting that you can surface mount directly onto the ceiling surface. This is the cheapest and quickest mounting method to use.

If you however, want to achieve a more subtle and clean design, you can choose to recess the tracks into the ceiling surface. This means a hole is cut in the ceiling surface where the light fixture then is placed at the time of installation, making it sit flush with the ceiling. This is, however, a much more time-consuming and expensive mounting method.

If you’re dealing with a ceiling above three metres, you will usually need to suspend the tracks in order to bring them down to a more convenient level. This is done via a suspension kit that comes in 1.5 and 1.75-metre lengths which can be adjusted up and down to reach the desired height. For these ceilings, you normally need a 30W light fitting or in very tall ceilings (4-6 metres) a 40W light output.

Designer Track Lighting Applications:

LED track lighting can be used in all sorts of applications and for numerous of different purposes. Some common applications are retail stores, office spaces, showrooms and art galleries.

Retail – designer track lighting is today one of the most common lighting types to use in retail stores. It is mostly used for top quality general lighting, but also to pinpoint objects and direct customers in the store. A common lighting technique is e.g. to pinpoint certain brands or a sale sign to make it more obvious for the customers to see.

Office – track lighting is a very beneficial light to use in an office space. It’s very important to think of the focus and ergonomics of the workers in these type of applications as the lighting will affect their health and efficiency. A general rule that is easily achieved with track lighting in an office space, is to use the 70/30 technique. This means 70 percent of the light is aimed toward the desks while the remaining 30 percent is aimed toward walkways, which make it easier for the workers to focus on their tasks.

Showroom – in these applications it’s all about displaying a product which means it’s very important to present the product as aesthetically appealing as possible. Designer track lighting has got a very high CRI level that displays the colours in a very clear and vibrant way and is therefore used in these type of applications to give a nice and professional look to the products.

Art Gallery – It’s very common for art galleries to have constantly rotating displays as well as a large number of various artwork in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours. This is why designer track lighting comes in perfect use for art gallery applications. The different beam angles allow you to customize the illumination after individual artwork by creating spotlighting or wall washing effects. The remote light fittings make it easy for you to adjust the lighting design after what’s currently on display. Dimming is used in art galleries as a great tool to create a certain atmosphere to go with the feeling of the artwork.

Lighting Advice

We highly advise you gather a large amount of information and advice before getting started with your lighting project as well as having a lighting plan made. This will help you to get a good overview of your project in whole and find what needs to be done in order to achieve the desired outcome.

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