Commercial track lights are used in a range of different areas such as retail shops, offices and art galleries. As they are very flexible and adjustable they suit a broad variety of different projects and will most likely be a suitable light to use whether you are lighting up an art piece or a desk in your office space.

Before you install your track lighting system, a good thing is to ask yourself some questions. Will the fittings be suspended or surface mounted? The distance between displays/walls and lights? What track types and configurations are you having? Power feed, connectors, track joiners, end caps? CRI, wattage, beam angle and light fitting design? These are all things good to keep in mind.

The most common and easiest mounting method to use for places like art galleries is surface track systems. For ceiling heights ranging from 2.7-3 meters, you can usually just install the tracks directly to the ceiling. Suspension track lighting happens when you have a very tall ceiling and want to lower the tracks down to a more convenient height. The lights can be suspended all the way from 6 meters down to 3 meters if needed.

The different track types are 4 wire (3 circuit), which is the more commercial and bulkier type of track that allows dimming from a wall switch dimmer and the other one is the single circuit – a lighter, cheaper and easier profile to install. It allows dimming to all tracks on that circuit at the same time.

The track configurations come in straight runs for long wall spaces, squares with straights for box-shaped rooms in need for centred illumination as well and U-shapes for rooms where you want to keep the entrance darker and illuminate the back of the room and the two side walls illuminated.

15W LED Track Light

15W Track Light

Product Code: LW-TL-15W

The LED World 15W LED Track Light is our most popular product for art galleries and showrooms. Its low power consumption makes this an eco-friendly and energy efficient solution, and it comes in black and white colour options. This track light fitting has proven very popular aesthetically with its cylindrical shape that’s less than 160 mm in length.

Colours Available



30W Track Light

Product Code: LW-TL-30W

30W LED Track Lighting is very popular in commercial settings, such as retail and showroom interiors. The 30W fixtures are built for ceilings 2.9m to 3.5m in height and come in black and white colours to match your design aesthetics. The 30W track lights come in 3000K as well as cooler temperatures like 5550K.

Colours Available



40W Track Light

Product Code: LW-TL-40W

Our 40W Track Lighting range is one of the brightest track lights, with the highest lumen output that we stock. This type of light is suitable for 3.5m to 4.2m high ceilings, but can be used with even higher ceilings in conjunction with a suspension system to bring the lights down closer to the floor or illumination target.

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Mounting Options

Suspended Track Lighting

Suspended Track Lighting

Surface Mounted Track Lighting

surface mounted Track Lighting


Retail Stores

In retail, commercial track light is used to give products and displays a neat and professional illumination to make them as attractive as possible for the customers. They’re also used for their ability to move up and down the track which comes in handy when stock or displays etc. are being moved around in the shop.


Due to things like dimming and the option to aim the light in the desired direction, commercial track lights are a good choice for office spaces. You can for example direct 70% on desks and 30% on walkways so that the majority of focus are on the actual workspace where you need to stay concentrated while still having a good illumination for the surroundings without distractions.

Art Galleries

Commercial track lights are the ideal lights to use in art galleries as they give you the chance to either pinpoint certain items on display or wall wash bigger areas. You can also adjust the illumination to the size of the item, so if you for example has got a smaller painting or a couple of smaller items you’d want to use a commercial track light with a narrower beam angle in order to make each individual item stand out and appear nice to the eye. If you, on the other hand, has got a huge painting or a whole wall on display, you can choose to wall wash and use wide beam angles so that the light evenly covers the area.

Lighting Design Service

If you are building or renovating and not sure which lights to use where, we offer a lighting design service. Simply send us your reflective ceiling plan (floor plan) and let us know your desired outcome. Someone from our design team will access your space and make a calculated recommendation of what type and how many lights you need.