Track Lighting Alternatives

Downlights are a cheaper alternative to track lights. They’re in fact 50-70% cheaper to buy and can give a room a nice and clean look when installed recessed into the ceiling. The lights are installed by cutting a hole straight into the ceiling surface where the light then is placed making it sit flush with the ceiling.

The downside with these light fitting is the fact that they spread light everywhere with beam angles from 60-120 degrees which make them a poor alternative for applications where highlighting of certain items is necessary. The installation price is also high due to the labor fee to bring a cable to every single downlight, whereas with track lights you only need to surface mount the tracks to have all the lights running in one go which is a quicker procedure.

Suitable applications for downlights would for example, be commercial settings like office buildings, showrooms and retail shops where you need a cheap and simple light fitting alternative.

Linear Profile alternative to Track Lighting:

Linear profile lights give an application a whole different look than the track lights and are good for a more aesthetic and architectural lighting design. They’re also very easy to customize to individual applications as the light fittings can be cut down to about any length in between 1-3 metres and ordered in any colour to fit the interior of a room. You can achieve a very neat and elegant outcome when suspending the linear profile over places like cash registers or bar counters for example, as the lights can be cut down to fit the length of the table or bench. This is often used as an additional light in places like retail shops where they might want to distinguish the checkout from the rest of the shopping area.

Another plus side about the linear profiles is the low-cost installation that is very much like the track lighting system – quick, cheap and easy.

The only downside using the linear profiles is the much higher cost of the actual light fitting and the lack of different types of light spread as they only spread the light 120 degrees in most areas. This makes it hard to pinpoint specific items or areas of the application the way track lights and spotlights can do.

Down linear profiles – the size of the down linear profile is 74x75mm, 50 x 50mm and the colour temperatures come in 3000K, 4000K and 5500K. The light fittings can either be suspended or surface mounted depending on use, ceiling height and type of ceiling.

Up/Down linear – the linear profiles can also be ordered with up/down illumination which means they throw a certain amount of illumination up toward the ceiling as well as down toward the floor. The size of this type of linear is 85mm x 40mm. The colour temperatures are the same as for the down linear profile.

Recessed linear – in the right type of ceiling, the linear profiles can also be recessed into the ceiling, which means a hole is cut in the ceiling where the linear profile then is placed at the installation. This gives a more subtle and clean look where less attention is drawn to the actual light fittings.

Track Lighting Benefits:

Although there are different lighting alternatives on the market, you may want to reconsider using track lighting as your first choice due to the many flexible features the track lighting holds. It gives you the option to wall wash, highlight and use different beam angles to achieve a more customized illumination. It also allows you to move the tracks accordingly to different displays and objects in the room as well as building different shapes with the tracks. Another thing that makes the track light a winner on the market is the dimming feature which allows you to control the light intensity to fit the given application. This is a very important part of creating mood and atmosphere in a room and can’t be achieved on the same customized level with any of the other lighting alternatives.

Even though the light fittings themselves are relatively expensive to buy, the installation process is a lot more simple and quick which makes them a lot cheaper in the full picture. Along with the many features, it’s the cheapest and most versatile light fitting to use.

A good thing before starting your lighting project is to think about budget and how practical the light fittings are for the application. It’s important to count every aspect in the planning of a project which a lighting expert is more than happy to help you with. LED World offers lighting plans, quotes and all the tips and tricks you need. Call (02) 8091 2950 today for a 15-minute free phone consultation or Email [email protected]