3 Circuit Track Lighting

Lengths of 3 Circuit Track Lighting

Our three circuit track lighting comes in 1, 2 and 3-metre lengths. The ability to be joined together with track joiners enables the track to from different shapes and configurations. For example, you can make:

    • Straight lines for areas with longer wall distances
    • Square shapes for when the room needs illumination. This enables all walls as well as the middle of the room to be illuminated.
  • U-shape for a room that needs more illumination toward the back and side walls while keeping the entrance darker.

If needed, the track can also be customised down to any length within the 1-3 metre range. The size of this track is 35mm (width) x 15mm (height). Weight is 20kg.

Standard options include black track lighting, white track lighting and chrome track lighting.

Dimming With 3 Circuit Track Lighting

The dimmable track lighting can be controlled from the wall, where you have the option to dim different groups of light fittings. On the fitting itself, you have a range of three different numbers. This allows you to assign the lights together into groups. Just select the number on the light, then they will be able to be switched on and off in groups.

Dimming comes in great handy in places where you want to create a certain feeling or atmosphere in the room. It’s a common occurrence in applications like art galleries and retail shops. They can be used If you run an exhibition with a certain theme, and you want to intensify that feeling through the illumination. Another use of dimming could be for a retail store campaign where you want to distinct the campaign section from the rest of the store in order for it to catch people’s attention.

Colour Options 3 Circuit Track Lighting

The colour options for the three circuit track lighting is black and white which means they easily blend into basically any ceilings and applications. The discrete colours will also give the room a neat and elegant finish as it goes with any other colours that might be present in the room.

Where are 4 Wire / 3 Circuit track lights installed?

4 wire tracks can be installed in taller ceilings where you would have great difficulty reaching the fittings. When putting a 4 wire track lighting in these ceilings you have the luxury of dimming from a wall switch instead of having to climb something like a ladder to reach the fittings and risk injury. This type of dimming is therefore the quickest and easiest way of controlling the light intensity. The 4 track is 33mm x 33mm in width and height and weighs 25kg. Standard colours are black and white.

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