17W LED Track Light

The 17W LED Track Lights are commonly used in places like a showroom, retail stores, residents, offices and galleries due to its great design, flexibility, dimming abilities and high CRI. Whether you’re after a light to illuminate your kitchen bench or pinpoint an item in a store, this commercial track lighting does the trick.


Although a higher power LED track lighting product is more common to use in retail shops, the 17W LED track light is a perfect alternative for stores with a lower set ceiling where a stronger light easily would give the products an illumination too bright and distracting. You want to bring attention to certain areas and items in a retail store but you need to do it the right way in order for it to have the desired outcome.


In an office, a good thing to do is to focus the lights on your desk where you do the actual work and where you have to stay focused. The 17W LED track light is perfect for this as it’s not too bright, or too dull which should keep any surrounding distractions away. It’s dimming abilities also makes you able to adjust the light to your preferences.

Art Galleries:

A great reason to use 17W track lights in an art gallery is because of it’s range of beam angles allowing you to adjust the light to specific items. If you, for example, are lighting up paintings on a wall you have the options to use a wider beam angle on a bigger painting and a more narrow one on a smaller art piece. The dimming effect is very beneficial here as well for creating the right kind of mood and atmosphere to what’s on display.

Track light lighting plan

No matter what application you want to use the 17W LED track lights for, you will most likely need some advice regarding things like beam angles, methods of installation, the number of lights.

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