LED Track Lighting Australia

LED track lighting is the most flexible and adaptable lighting product, well-suited for a range of commercial and residential applications. Retail shops, showrooms, art galleries, offices and dining rooms are all suitable settings for the track lighting system.

Track lights clip into the tracks, which come in straight lengths of 1, 2 and 3 metres, and can be combine to create shapes like squares and rectangles. The track runs are either recessed, surface mounted or hung from the ceiling via chains or suspension kits.

15W LED Track Light

15W Track Light

Product Code: LW-TL-15W

The LED World 15W LED Track Light is our most popular product for art galleries and showrooms. Its low power consumption makes this an eco-friendly and energy efficient solution, and it comes in black and white colour options. This track light fitting has proven very popular aesthetically with its cylindrical shape that’s less than 160 mm in length.

Colours Available



30W Track Light

Product Code: LW-TL-30W

30W LED Track Lighting is very popular in commercial settings, such as retail and showroom interiors. The 30W fixtures are built for ceilings 2.9m to 3.5m in height and come in black and white colours to match your design aesthetics. The 30W track lights come in 3000K as well as cooler temperatures like 5550K.

Colours Available



40W Track Light

Product Code: LW-TL-40W

Our 40W Track Lighting range is one of the brightest track lights, with the highest lumen output that we stock. This type of light is suitable for 3.5m to 4.2m high ceilings, but can be used with even higher ceilings in conjunction with a suspension system to bring the lights down closer to the floor or illumination target.

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Mounting Options

Suspended Track Lighting

Suspended Track Lighting

Surface Mounted Track Lighting

surface mounted Track Lighting


Track Lighting For Home

Our track lighting series are perfect for the home too. The best place to install these stunning fixtures is in living areas and kitchens (above the bench). This allows you to create a dynamic space where light concentration can be adjusted to suit your changing needs.

Commercial Track Lighting

Commercial LED downlights come standard in white with 20W and 30W ranges. Our best advice with commercial LED downlights is to choose a light colour of 3000K or 5500K to suit the project you are completing. Another option for our commercial LED downlight is the 30W curved architectural version, which brings appealing style to any application.

Industrial Track Lighting

Industrial Track Lighting is an effective option for open ceilings. Industrial style fittings are usually black and use a suspended chain system to add to the industrial look and feel.

Office Track Lighting

The location of track lighting within an office space is very important. To keep the design simple you want the track lights to go directly over desk spaces, concentrating the light on the space where work is being done.

Track Lighting For Art Galleries

Art galleries are perhaps our most beloved lighting projects. From product specification to dimming advice, we have you covered for any track lighting systems used in gallery applications.

Track Lighting For Kitchen

Keep it safe in the kitchen with LED Track lighting for kitchen benches and activity areas. Large amounts of concentrated light from the correct angles will prevent shadows, an important consideration in both domestic and commercial kitchens.

Track Lighting For Showrooms

The way your products are lit greatly impacts not only how customers perceive individual items but your brand as a whole. We recommend following our 70/30 rule, which means putting 70% of light directly onto your products and 30% in other areas.

Lighting Design Service

If you are building or renovating and not sure which lights to use where, we offer a lighting design service. Simply send us your reflective ceiling plan (floor plan) and let us know your desired outcome. Someone from our design team will access your space and make a calculated recommendation of what type and how many lights you need.