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Art Lighting Guide

Spotlights offer a flexible and highly customisable approach to lighting artwork.

The size, colouring and type of artwork on display (for example canvas, oils or photography), ceiling height, and the type of dimming required, can all be taken into account when designing the perfect lighting set-up.

Working from the general approach of one light per linear metre of track, a range of beam angles can be combined to provide a narrow beam highlighting a specific work, or a general wash of light. Spotlights can be used on recessed, surface-mounted or suspended track, depending on the ceiling height and aesthetics of the space. Whether you need to light artwork hanging in an office reception or lobby area, hallway or meeting room, we can help design the best solution.

Configuration Options

Track lighting is extremely versatile and our extensive range of fittings and accessories enable us to deliver a bespoke solution.

Mounting Methods

Depending on your needs and the ceiling height, track can be either suspended or surface-mounted.

Surface Mounted

If the ceiling is between 3 and 6 metres, suspended track is the preferred option to bring the light level closer to the artwork on display.
We have two suspension kits, offering suspension up to 1.5 or 3 metres. Both kits can be adjusted to the desired length on site, allowing for maximum flexibility.

Surface Mounted Track Lights


Suspension Mounted

If the ceiling is between 2.8 and 3 metres, our recommendation is to use surface-mounted tracks. These offer simple installation, with track screwed into plasterboard, concrete, or any other commonly used ceiling material.

Suspended Track Lighting

Colour Temperatures

Cool White

Cool white lighting (5000K) has an intense and vibrant white colour, close to natural daylight. It is best suited for areas where task lighting is needed. The natural white light does not distort the appearance of colour.

Warm White

Warm white lighting (3000K) is closer to candle- or firelight, and creates a warmer and more relaxing ambience. It is commonly used in residential projects or in commercial spaces such as cafes and bars to create an inviting atmosphere.

Colour Rendering Index

Colour rendering refers to the way that a light source impacts the way a colour is seen by the human eye and how colour variations and shades are interpreted. The Colour Rendering Index or CRI is a scale from 1 to 100. The higher the CRI level, the more accurately the lighting source will represent the true colour of the artwork. 

We recommend a CRI level of 90 when illuminating artwork, to ensure colours are presented at their truest and most vibrant.

Dimming Options

As with any lighting, dimming is an important feature which allows for adjustment depending the desired ambience, and the available levels of natural light. There are a variety of dimming options available, and choosing the best method depends on the lighting configuration and the space in which the artwork is displayed. Some of the most popular options are:

DALI & C-Bus Dimming System

This system uses a centralised computer system to allow you to group control dimming, and also provides an on-off function. However, the purchase and installation costs are high, and programming the function of each light can be a slow process. A solution for very large spaces with multiple artworks.

WiFi Dimming

WiFi dimming is a cost-effective option which offers an easy setup. Light fittings are connected with your central WiFi network, and can then be controlled via an app on a smartphone or tablet.

This is a flexible option which allows group dimming, timing, on-off and colour change between warm and cool whites (3000K – 6000K).

Traditional Manual Wall Dimming

A simple method for dimming all lights on a single circuit system via a wall-mounted dimmer. This is an effective solution if there are only a few pieces of artwork on display. A 3-circuit system would offer greater flexibility, allowing three different groups of lights to be adjusted separately.

On-board Dimming

Some light fittings feature a small on-board dimmer, allowing for individual manual control.

Get A Lighting Design
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Lighting Design Service
If you are building or renovating and not sure which lights to use where, we offer a lighting design service. Simply send us your reflective ceiling plan (floor plan) and let us know your desired outcome. Someone from our design team will access your space and make a calculated recommendation of what type and how many lights you need.
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Our Products

Our wide range of products provide great flexibility when it comes to illuminating art. We can work with you to select the best lights from our range based on the individual pieces to be lit. The medium (for example oils or photography), the colour, size and shape are all taken into consideration.
We have a variety of spotlights for artwork to choose from, starting at our entry level Gallery Wall Wash range all the way up to premium Le Art and Le Art II ranges. All LED World lighting systems are high quality and their flexibility means they can be adapted if artwork is changed or repositioned.

Le Art - Track Light
Le Art Delux - Track Light
Gallery Wall Wash - Black
Gallery Wall Wash - White
Boom Art Gallery
Located in Geelong, the Boom Gallery space has been converted from an old wool mill. We worked directly with the owner to establish the exact requirements. After a careful study of the client’s needs, LED Word supplied Boom Gallery with lights from our Gallery Wall Wash System and Le Art II series. Being a gallery, it was important to use products that accurately reflect the colours and textures of the artworks, therefore the lighting was specified with 90 CRI.


Craig Parry Gallery
Craig Parry is a marine and environmental photographer who owns a small boutique gallery in Byron Bay Australia. We worked directly with Craig and his electrician to create the optimal lighting system for his space. The flow of communication between each stakeholder meant that everyone understood the requirements for the installation and design. This resulted in a happy client and a friendly, invited gallery environment. A combination of Gallery wall wash and Le Art 2 fittings were specified as the client wanted to minimize glare from the glass framing of the photographs.

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Scott Leggo Gallery
Australian Landscape photographer Scott Leggo is based in Canberra. His work combines his passions for travel and photography. His art is displayed using a mixture of printed canvases and frames art prints. 15W LED Wall Wash track light series lighting was installed with adjustable beam angle, high CRI fittings and anti glare properties.

One Space Gallery
The One Space Gallery in Brisbane, has a frequently changing exhibition schedule. They required a solution which would easily allow them to adjust the beam angle for each light fitting. Initially, they approached LED World with an interest in ERCO lighting products, but we were able to offer them a cost effective alternative with our high-end Le Art range. The beam allows the client to go from narrow to wide within a few seconds. This creates layers of lights within the art space.
Studio Gallery Melbourne
This former plastics factory was converted into a stunning art gallery space with high ceilings and polished concrete floors. Because of the large space and height of the gallery, a ninety-four meter suspended track system was installed at a height of three meters from floor level. The fittings were installed at 1M distance from the art to give a uniform, wall wash effect. Warm white light (3000K) was specified along with the 90 CRI LED chips to render the true colours and intricate details of the artwork.
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Timothy Tarjani
Timothy Tarjani
12:22 12 Aug 19
I can't express how much I love the timber pentant lights from LED World. For our new home, we tried to source as many locally made products as possible (misses loves that kind of thing). So for us, having that central light fitting over the kitchen bench, that was made in Australia, was a no-brainer and at a reasonable price compared to other Australian made product's we have purchased recently for our home.
Neon Xylofon
Neon Xylofon
11:01 01 Aug 19
As an artist I know that my artwork needs good light. Our gallery for the very best and I highly recommend them for advice and supply.
jarrod Jennings
jarrod Jennings
08:41 01 Aug 19
Thanks for helping us replace the old fluorescent lights in our furniture store. The space is now vibrant and our customers are already noticing the difference
Gary Bright
Gary Bright
03:13 01 Aug 19
Our space changes from a day-time cafe to a classy restaurant during the night. So we needed a lighting solution that was adaptive to our dynamic needs. Simon was able to provide sound advice on what the best solution was.
Deborah Burley
Deborah Burley
13:03 03 Jun 18
Simon and his team supplied me with new lighting for my kitchen and I couldn’t be happier. I’m loving the linear pendant light which hangs over the kitchen island bench — such a beautiful centre piece and I get so many great comments about it when guests come to stay. Thank you guys.
Callum Mundine
Callum Mundine
13:42 17 Aug 17
I worked with Simon on our latest art gallery project. He was able to offer an impressive amount of knowledge and advice about how to design and light up our space. I highly recommend working with the team at LED World!
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