Commercial Pendant Lighting

The term pendant is used in relation to lighting products which are suspended or hung from the ceiling. These lights are hung on wires bringing the light source closer to the objects or floor areas the lighting designer wishes to illuminate.

The term linear usually means a continual length of profile that runs a certain length or distance. The profiles are made from aluminium and can be made from different profiles sizes, the most common is 50mm x 70mm in commercial settings.

The commercial linear pendant lights can be powder coated to any colour you desire with the three most popular been silver (standard) along with matte white and matte black.

Commercial Pendant Lighting Black
Commercial Pendant Lighting Silver & Chrome

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Available Colours



Silver / Chrome

Profile Sizes

CS5050 Linear LED Pendant Light Diagram
50x50mm End Cap On Linear Pendant Lighting

50 x 50 mm

50x70mm Track Light Profile
50x70mm End Cap For Commercial Pendant Light

50 x 70 mm

Standard lengths


Colour Temperatures

Most commercial applications will use the cooler whites with this style of lighting systems. It’s more common for commercial lighting to use 4000K and 5550K CCT colour temperatures as these colour tones keep people alert and alive.

Some other applications might use the 3000K warm white but is much less common unless it’s used in a commercial art gallery or within high ceilings of residential projects.

Warm White

Best for task areas because they provide the best lumen output per watt. This type of lighting is ideal for reading and writing.

Cool White

Often used for non-task areas like kitchens, bathrooms, and break rooms. This colour gives the room a more relaxed ambiance and provide staff with needed a feeling of rest whilst not performing high-concentration tasks.

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Lighting Directions

Down & Direct Commercial Pendant Lighting

Down / Direct Lighting Direction

This throws the light toward the ground or toward desks and object. The look and style of the light fixtures has excellent aesthetics and architectural design for pendant lights in the market place.

Many lighting designers, interior designers and commercial building designers like this product as it’s got the perfect mix of being visually appealing and practical with its wide light spread.

Up Down & Direct Indirect Commercial Pendant Lighting

Up & Down / Direct & InDirect Lighting Direction

The up and down style light allows you to throw light toward the ceiling and the ground at the same time. This can really bring an office space to life with the light bouncing from the ceiling adding that extra ambience and glow to the area.


Commercial Pendant Lighting For Retail Stores


Retail shops are now introducing linear pendant light products in different areas like the POS (position of sale) and cash registers. These are often in straight runs but can also be made to suit square and rectangle shaped layout when creating custom luminaries. The reason these lights are used in this area of stores is they look distinctly different from standard downlights and track lighting systems.

Commercial Pendant Lighting For Shopping Centers

Shopping Centres

It’s common now days for shopping centres to use linear profile and suspended kits in walk ways. These lights are excellent compared to downlights or track lights due to the fact that they spread the light 120 degrees and at the same time look very modern.

Commercial Pendant Lights For Office


Commercial linear pendant lighting is becoming very popular in offices around Australia. There are a few different options within offices for this style of fitting. You need to makes sure within an office the linear profile pendant can be dimmable, this way you can adjust the light levels to the desire of the people working under them.

Additional Information

Beam Angles

The standard beam angle for commercial led pendant lighting fixtures is 120 degrees. This allows for a very wide light spread which can cover one metre either side of the linear fitting when installed from the ceiling.

Light Output

Linear profiles as a standard use 20W per metre down and 15W per metre when shooting the light up. That equals around 1600 – 1700 lumens per metre which can also be brighter or high lumen output upon request.

The rule of thumb is that a 20W i fine to use if the linear commercial fixtures are installed from under three meters in height. At any height above that length, the watts or lumen output should be higher.

Custom Lengths

The standard lengths are 1-3 meters and come in matte black, matte white and silver colours. We have the ability to cut the lengths of linear lighting product at any length down to the millimetre. If you have any desire for the profile to be a particular colour we are more than happy to give you a quote on how much it would cost and the lead time when powder coating or anodising the aluminium body.

Suspension Heights and Installation

When suspending commercial led pendant lights you have two different kits that can be used. The first is 1.5M and the second is 3.0M. Both of these can be shortened to any length below that and is very simple to install.

Installing the wires or suspension kits is easily done which can go into plaster, timber or even steel and suspended to your desired height.

Lead Time & Quote

We are happy to offer you a quote on the project if its 10 meters or 1000 meters of profile lighting. The big thing that determines price is the lead time you require as many things come into consideration with lead time. As a standard we keep stock for silver but often you may need black, white or another colour. Dimming and lighting controls for this product will also change the price and lead times.

Alternatives to Pendants

You can also install this profile light product directly to the ceiling which is know as surface mount, as sometimes it’s just not necessary for the lights to be pendants. The other option here is to recess the commercial profile fittings which come in a format that has separate alternative bracket system.

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