Commercial Office Lighting Fixtures


The lighting we choose to put in an office building can have a lot more importance than we might think. Not only does it affect the overall aesthetics of a room, but it also has huge impact on the people working in this area. Bad lighting can make the workers tired and distracted or cause headaches which is obviously not ideal for creating maximal efficiency and focus or maintaining work health.

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Light Fittings for Office

When lighting up an office space, a good thing is to focus the majority of light on the actual working areas which in most cases are the desks. A good option to use here is track lighting as they allow you to aim the lights in any direction. A good division of the illumination could for example be to aim 70 percent of the light on the desks and 30 percent on walking areas. This way, most focus end up on the space where the employee needs to get things done, leaving little room for surrounding distractions which will keep the worker concentrated and alert.

Another alternative for office lighting is linear profile lights. These are very adjustable as they come in all different sizes and colours and can be customized to fit the length of a desk for example.

Energy Efficient Office Lighting

Due to the long hours an office can have the lights on in a day, sometimes 12 hours or more daily, it’s important both financially but foremost environmentally that we use good energy efficient office lighting. For older designs of lights, 40W – 70W per metre was used and would often break and flicker due to their inefficient designs, needing constant maintenance. For modern lights of today we only need 20W per metre and the maintenance is no longer needed. This way we’re using a reduced amount of greenhouse gasses at the same and causing less damage on the environment which is a sustainable solution.

black track light system designer output
black track light system designer output

Modern Office Lighting Fixtures

Older style fluorescent lighting had a very unappealing and chunky look to it. It looks and impractical design could really bring a room down rather than the opposite and cost a lot of time, money and energy to run with constant flickering that needed frequent maintenance.

Luckily there have been a huge improvement in these lights as mentioned above and we have figured out more energy efficient and aesthetically appealing designs to use instead of the fluorescent lighting. Modern office lighting fixtures are aesthetically appealing, very energy efficient and require no maintenance. They also allow you to customize the fitting to go with any given application, which means they can easily be matched with the style of the room and actually contribute to the aesthetics rather than just having a practical purpose.

Office Lighting Ergonomics

One of the main reasons to why office lighting is so important is because of ergonomics of the employees. Some common complaints resulting from poor lighting are for example eye irritation, blurred vision, and headaches. Not only is the ocular system affected but bad lighting can also contribute to stiff necks and aches in shoulder area due to poor or awkward postures when trying to read something under difficult lighting conditions.

A good visual environment will have sufficient light coming from the right direction and not cause distracting shadows. It should provide good contrast between the task and the background, without being too excessive, as well as prevent excessive glare. This is easily done by using high-quality lighting with high glare control such as LED track lighting for example. These come with a dimming effect that allows the workers of an office to dim the light to any strength preferred at the time. They also give the office a chance to aim the light in any direction so that the light output can be split and focused less or more on certain areas of the room.

black track light system designer output
black track light system designer output

Office Lighting Fixtures For Ceiling

A common type of office ceiling is the T-bar or the tiles ceiling that as from the name consists of loose square tiles held up by a grid-work of metal channels in the shape of an upside-down “T”. These dropped or suspended ceilings as they’re also called, are commonly built to hide infrastructure and control acoustics. In more high-end offices plaster ceilings are also used.

Office lighting fixtures for ceilings with tiles are usually recessed or suspended fixtures. When the fittings are recessed it simply means a hole is cut into the ceiling surface allowing the fitting to recess into the ceiling when being installed. Suspended fixtures means the lights are being hung from the ceiling by using suspension kits.

In plaster ceilings track lights or linear profiles can be used, either suspended, surface mounted or recessed depending on height and look of the ceiling. A very tall office ceiling would most likely use suspended fixture to bring them closer to the ground, whereas a ceiling under three metres would use surface mounted or track lights or linear profiles. The linear profiles can also be recessed into these type of ceilings.

Office Lighting Levels

The recommended office lighting levels are usually 300-500 lux. This however, only applies to offices with no task lamp in use. With task lamps in use a lux level of around 250 is usually enough.

Office Lighting Regulations

The emergency lighting is needed to provide lighting when the loss of the official lighting occurs which will allow a person to vacate a section or the whole building. The design of these lights is dependent on the usage, size and general lighting design of the building and could vary with the construction of walls and how they’re parted. It’s very important that the lighting coordinates with the general lighting of the area. It’s essential to follow the office lighting regulations in order to retain the safety of the workers.

LED World offers commercial emergency lighting with hidden downlights that are much more visually appealing than the more common options on the market.

black track light system designer output
black track light system designer output

Office Lighting Requirements

The Work Health and Safety Regulations require a person running a business or undertaking to ensure that lighting is sufficient in order for workers to carry out the tasks and do their job without risking health or safety. Other office lighting requirements are adequate emergency lighting as well as lighting observations during a workplace inspection. The lighting should be taken in consideration to the type of tasks workers are carrying out in the office. Lighting levels can if needed, be measured to make sure the lighting follows the requirements. This is known as lux readings.

Office Lighting Solutions

There are a lot of different office lighting solutions available. Before installing the lights of an office, we need to take things like size, look and ceiling type in consideration.

Lighting Solutions for Office

Open offices – these offices usually carry a T-bar ceiling and has got a great number of desks and walkways spread out all over the room. For these spaces, the best solutions are normally to use suspended or recessed lighting. Linear profiles can be suspended over desks and adjusted to a suitable level between floor and ceiling. These will give the room an elegant and architectural look while providing the area with professional and ergonomic illumination. A more subtle option is to use recessed downlights. A whole must then be cut in the ceiling where the lights are to be installed and once installed the light will sit flush with the ceiling.

Private offices – in smaller office spaces, suspended or surface mounted track lights are recommended. These come with great glare control and can be aimed in any direction allowing the office to part the illumination so that a certain amount of light goes on desks while the rest is aimed at walkways. It also comes with wall dimming giving the employees a chance to adjust the intensity of light after preference.
Pendant Office Lighting

black track light system designer output
black track light system designer output

Pendant Office Lighting

Pendant office lighting is recommended for tiled or very high ceilings where the light fittings can’t be mounted straight onto the ceiling surface. The fittings can then be suspended by using suspension kits. These are steel wires that can be suspended to most materials such as plaster, timber or even steel. The pendants can either be LED track lights or LED linear profiles where you have the option to use lights that shoots the illumination towards the floor or lights that shoots light towards the floor and the ceiling simultaneously, known as updown lights.

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