Wholesale Commercial LED Lights

LED World has become Australia’s leading supplier in wholesale commercial LED lights, with the best prices in the market for a whole range of products competing with Lawrence and Hansons, L&H, Rexel Group, Middys, Auslec, CNW, John R Turk.

Their range of products is always in stock with a full warehouse in Melbourne and Sydney supplying Australia wide a variety of wholesale commercial LED lights. If you need quoting for a job or even custom made products, LED World are the right people for you. They’ve got years of experience in the business and have completed a large number of different projects in the past, which makes them your ideal experts to consult with. Listed below are the commercial LED Lights we can offer you.

Commercial LED Track Lights

Commercial LED Track Lights come in a range of different varieties. The models are 15W, 20W, 30W and 40W. They’ve got a single circuit that can be designed to suit a vast selection of applications. Various connectors, straight lines, and right angles can be applied in different ways in order to create a track system suitable for any project. They come with suspension kits to hang from ceilings and are available in black and white to easily blend into most ceilings. These lights are the perfect lighting system to use in places like retail shops and art galleries where the light needs to be flexible and easy to adjust to the displays.

LED Commercial Downlights

The stock on commercial LED downlights is very competitive in the pricing of the recessed models. They come in 20W and 1700 lumens or 30W and 2500 lumens and have got a nice and wide 120-degree beam angle. The colours available are cool, neutral and cool white (3000K/4000K/5550K). Flex lead and 3 pin plug are also included with these lights.

Stock very competitive pricing on LED downlights which are recessed models.

Linear LED Pendant Lighting

These lights come in 1M, 2M, 3M, 5M and 6M and are made in two different models – the commercial linear pendants that shoot downwards and lights that shoot either up or down. Usually, they are 20W per metre and 1700 lumens.

These are very adaptable lights as they come in custom made lengths and any colour you wish where the standard colours are black, silver and white. They are in great use for offices, cash registers or bar counters for example, where you want to evenly illuminate a room or bring focus to a bigger area.

LED World are able to compete with the major wholesalers as they manufacture the products themselves to the highest standard and are importers for a whole range of wholesale commercial LED lights. For your convenience, they offer lighting plans and advice with 15 minutes of free consultation. Find out what your next project needs by calling 1300 874 723 today.