Commercial LED Downlights

Downlights have been traditionally used in residential homes. Now that LED technology has developed so much, it means that there is a range of other application where they can be used. Over the past couple of years, there has been an increasing trend in the use of LED downlights in commercial environments. We recommend using downlights in commercial applications like schools or retail stores. Before you decide on what product to choose, you should consider important aspects like the angle output you require, dimmability requirements and colour temperature.


Schools: Schools are one of the most common places that commercial LED downlights are replacing old and inefficient technologies like fluorescent lighting. Typically placed throughout the classroom, the downlights are used to provide a comfortable reading environment for students.

Retail: In increasing trend is emerging where commercial led downlights are used in retail stores. Your typical retail store utilises track lighting throughout most of the space, but is it common to find recessed downlights in more static spaces like change rooms, walkways or the junction of wall and ceiling.

Options Available

Angle: The angle output of the light can have a big effect on the surrounding environment. Are you trying to create a space that just needs some general illumination? Then you might opt for a wider beam angle. If you are trying to highlight areas within your space, like a store front, then you might consider a smaller beam angle to concentrate the light.

Dimmability: How often do the needs of your environment change? If your space is a gallery or retail store, it is common that you will need to be able to dim your lights to change the look and feel of your layout and featured products. On the other hand, if you are fitting out a school or office, the light level is going to be more constant and you will not need dimmable lights.

Colour Temperature: This is one of the most important decisions to make when choosing your lights. Is your space for reading or writing? Then you are probably best suited to cool white, which has a higher lumen output and provides a sterile & clinical feel. On the other hand, if you are trying to provide a more comfortable space like in a retail store, then warm white is a great option.

How L.E.D World Can Help

LED World are specialists in commercial led downlights. If you have an upcoming project, we have the capability to provide an end-to-end service for you including:

Consultation: Make an initial phone appointment with one of our lighting specialists. They will discuss your project requirements and goals then make recommendations on the best possible solution.

Design: Once your initial consultation is completed and you have sent us your projects reflective ceiling layout. Someone from our Commercial Lighting Design team will develop a lighting plan and schedule. This will ensure that everything meet the Australian Standards before you move forward and purchase your goods.

Supply: When your design has been approved, we strongly encourage you to purchase your lights through us. We work with only the best suppliers in Australia. The nature of our business model means that we can provide the highest quality products at just a fraction of the price of our competitors.