Commercial Interior Lighting

There are several options to consider when contemplating your new commercial interior lighting, specifically, how you want to present your office space through the use of commercial light fixtures in your interior.

First impressions count, and your commercial lighting and the types of fixtures used in your interior will be the customer’s first impressionable glimpses into your brand. After all, it’s not just about your brand but how you present it, too.

Interior Walkway Lighting

It may be that you have a long walkway in your showroom or hallway to your office. Illuminating the interior along the way to the product can create an ambience pleasing to the eye, and thus, encouraging the customer to buy.

Technology has advanced to the point that LED lighting is an inexpensive way to illuminate a large area; it has also provided a platform for the person using commercial interior lighting to have full control over the final outcome. Additionally, what decision you make will determine how your office space feels to those who enter.

You can opt for several fixtures including downlights that are suspended from the ceiling, recessed LEDs or surface light fixtures for an even distribution of light.

Decorative vs. Practical

There’s no reason why you can’t have both. Particularly when utilizing the LED track lighting, bulbs can be twisted and turned in all directions to showcase your product. This flexible option is most popular for showroom space, and with the ability to slide the lighting on the track, your lighting options just expanded ten-fold.

The Difference in Commercial Lighting Fixtures for Interiors

Recessed downlights can be customized, although the most popular choices are round and square shapes. But it doesn’t have to stop there. You can also have recessed LED strips along ceilings, walls and floors, giving you a more contemporary feel or an alternative to highlighting particular architectural features. Dimming options are also available.

For the retail focused commercial space; as well as the recessed options, suspending light fixtures over your product will give an extra lift to customer appeal; consider the sparkle of a diamond ring under the right lighting conditions. Irrespective of your choice to mount fixtures from the ceiling, you can still opt for modern elegance with recessed and surface alternatives.

Or you may want to feature a product with directional light and already have existing tracking. LED spotlights can give you the option of using different colour hues and lower lumen (watts) to create a focal point and multi ambience areas.

Suspended lighting products will give you a unique and customized look with many shapes and sizes to choose from, and will suit most ceilings for the modern/retro appeal. Mainly in matte black and white, you can also discuss other colour options with LED World.

Consider floor plans, ceiling height, budget and the type of aesthetics you want to achieve before selecting the commercial lighting fixtures you want for your interior.

New commercial interior lighting offers an array of options. Contact LED World to discover which commercial light fixtures will suit your interior best.