Commercial LED Light Fixtures

With today’s modern lighting technology we have managed to develop very energy efficient lighting for affordable prices which require close to no maintenance. These commercial LED light fixtures are normally used in applications such as retail stores, showrooms, office buildings and art galleries. LED track lighting and linear profile lights have grown to be two very frequently used LED lighting products that have the ability to give any application a major facelift.

Commercial LED Track Lighting Fixtures:

LED track lighting is today the most popular lighting fixture to use in applications like retail shops, showrooms, and art galleries, thanks to their great flexibility and clean design that can give any application that luxury appeal. The light fittings have a sleek and subtle cylinder shaped design available in black and white that easily blend in with most interior styles and colourways.

The standard range of LED track lighting come in a 15W model that have wall dimming and a 15 and 38-degree beam angle included. It allows for dimming of all the lights at once from a wall switch and lets you create narrow spotlighting effects as well as wider wall washing.

Our higher-end range includes a 30W and 40W model and can be ordered with group dimming or onboard dimming which allows you to create different light levels onto different areas of an application. Onboard dimming means you can dim the light straight on the light fitting itself while group dimming lets you dim the lights in three different groups from a wall switch. The high-end range also comes with 15-90 degree beam angles which give you more freedom to customize the lighting to different object or areas of the room.

LED track lighting can be used for many different purposes as it is a light of so much flexibility. In retail stores, they are generally used to light up shelves or racks but can also be used to pinpoint specific items in a store such as a brand or a sale sign for customers to spot them more easily. It is also a perfect light for when there is a frequent rotation of displays, as you can move the light fittings around as well as aiming them in any direction. This will allow you to let the lighting design follow the changes of the store.

In art galleries, track lighting is often used because of its ability to illuminate all sorts of artwork in a very customized way thanks to the different beam angles. You can, for example, use a very narrow beam angle to illuminate a smaller artwork in an highlighting effect or use a wider beam angle when you’re dealing with larger art pieces. You can also use wide beam angles to wall wash an entire wall space if you, for instance, have a series of artwork connected on a wall.

Models and size specifications:

15W- 157mm long x 65mm diameter

30W – 157mm long x 84mm diameter

40W – 182mm long x 104mm diameter

Track Lighting Systems:

These commercial LED light fixtures come with a 1,2 or 3-metre track. These can be custom cut after specific applications and are all made to perfectly match the colour of the light fittings. The tracks can also be ordered in bendable models which e.g. lets you create circles when joined together. These can give an application a more artistic and playful touch.

Commercial applications can have all sorts of shapes and design which is why it’s important to find a lighting system that can be installed after the shape of the room. With track these lighting systems, you can simply join the tracks together and form any type of configuration. Depending on where you want to focus the light you can create everything from simple straight lines to round circles or U-shapes. It’s all about finding what’s the most suitable setup for your particular application.

There are two different track types available which are the single circuit and the 3 circuit track. The single circuit track is our lighter and slimmer model that allows for dimming of all the lights at once from a wall switch. A slightly bigger and chunkier track is the 3 circuit that lets you group dim the light fittings in three different groups from a wall switch.

What mounting method you choose for your track lighting system will hugely affect the outcome of your lighting design. A rule of thumb is to use a 15W light fitting in applications with a ceiling height below three metres which can be fixed straight onto the ceiling surface. For a more subtle design, you can also recess the tracks which is done by cutting a hole into the ceiling surface where the track then is placed, making it sit flush with the ceiling.

For taller ceilings, you will normally need a 30W track or in very tall ceilings, even a 40W light output. These can be suspended via suspension kits that come in 1.5 and 3-metre adjustable lengths, which will bring the lights down to a more convenient height.

Commercial Linear Profile Lighting:

LED linear profile lights are often used in office buildings, educational applications and as additional lighting in places like retail shops. They are often the used as a high-quality replacement for the older style fluorescent tubes that today are known to be major energy-stealers as well as providers of very poor lighting. LED linear profile lighting is on the other hand, a very energy efficient, high-quality light that comes in a much more adaptable and aesthetically appealing design.

The light fittings come in 1,2 and 3-metre lengths as standard which can be custom cut specifically for individual applications. The light fitting comes in matte black, matte white and anodized as standard colours, but can also be painted in any colour desired for orders of larger quantities.

Being a part of the more flexible commercial LED light fixtures, you can create your own touch to the lighting design by joining the linear profile lights together and form different configurations. The fittings can be put into everything from simple straight lines to zigzag shapes or even circles.


For a very subtle and clean design, you can recess the linear profile lights into the ceiling surface. The light fittings are then placed in a hole that’s been cut in the ceiling surface, making only the actual strip of light visible.

Surface Mounted:

The most simple and cheap mounting method to use for linear profile lighting is to surface mount the light fittings straight onto the ceiling surface. This is often used in offices and educational spaces with lower ceilings, where the lights serve a very basic and practical purpose.


LED linear profile lights can give an application a very aesthetically appealing and architectural look when suspended above benches or tables. Suspended linear profiles can e.g. be used above a cash register or a help desk in a retail shop as additional lighting, which will elegantly distinguish this area from the rest of the store. It is also used to bring down the light fittings in a very tall ceiling.

Commercial LED Downlights:

LED downlights are normally used as a cheap light fitting option to commercial LED light fixtures such as track lighting or linear profiles. They are also a common light for retail stores to e.g. use in change rooms. Normally, downlights are used for ambient lighting rather than accent lighting which means it’s a light you would use for more general illumination of a room or an area.

20W and 30W Commercial LED Downlight:

Commercial LED downlights are available in a 20W and a 30W model in black or white. If the ceiling height is under three metres you’d use a 20W whereas a ceiling above three metres requires a 30W light fitting to be sufficient. A general rule is to space the lights 1.5 meters apart which can vary depending on the ceiling height. The lights are installed by being recessed into the ceiling surface where they sit flush with the ceiling. Although the light fittings themselves are cheaper than the other commercial LED light fixtures, the installation method used is more expensive, which in the end usually don’t make them a more cost efficient lighting to use.

Architectural Curved Downlight:

A more high-end LED downlight alternative is the architectural curved downlight that can bring a more luxurious feeling to the interior with their elegant design. Just as the standard downlights, these light fittings come in a 20W and 30W model and come in a black or white design.

Commercial LED Light Fixture Design and Advice:

Having a successful lighting project done will require a fair bit of advice and understanding as well as careful planning. What are you looking to achieve? Will you need accent or ambient lighting? Where should the lights be installed? How many fittings? These are the things that need to be clear in order to achieve those remarkable results that will make your application stand out from the rest.

A good start is to have a lighting plan made which will give you a perfect overview of your project in whole as well as a detailed map of things like lighting calculations and positioning of the light fittings. This is a 2D plan that can be handed straight to your electrician who then will know exactly where to install the lights and how many fittings are needed.

You can also have a 3D lighting plan made that will give you a close representation of how the lights will display on the merchandise. These are, however, mostly just needed for retail stores.

It’s of great importance getting a sufficient amount of understanding and advice before committing to your lighting project. LED World’s got a long and successful history in the lighting industry with over a hundred completed projects. We are proud to provide our customers with top standard services and products. Call (02) 8091 2950 today for lighting plans, quotes and a 15-minute free consultation with one of our lighting experts, or email us on [email protected]