Commercial Ceiling Light Fixtures

When it comes to commercial ceiling light fixtures there are a few things we need to understand.
In order to find the best commercial ceiling light fixtures we first have to know the different mounting methods and what ceiling and surfaces you might find within a commercial building. The type of ceiling you’ve got will therefore determine what kind of light fixture you will need.

Open Ceiling:

Usually, this is the industrial style look where the ceiling exposes air conditioners. Other open ceilings are for example where windows are built into them or where ceiling panels/boards and or ceiling fans are revealed. A good use of lighting for these type of ceilings are suspension system track lighting and linear LED profiles. Open ceilings will use the suspension kits on both linear and track lights as the surface of these ceilings are hard to attach lights directly onto. They can be suspended all the way from 3 meters to 10cm.

Track lighting – these lights comes in a few different varieties where the models are 15W, 20W, 30W and 40W. They’ve got a single circuit that can be designed to suit a wide selection of applications. Right angles, straight lines and various connectors can be applied in different ways which means they are a perfect fit for any project. Colours available are black and white that easily blends into most ceilings. Track lighting come in great use for places like retail shops and art galleries where you need a flexible lighting system that is adaptable for different displays.

Linear profile – the linear profiles comes in every length from 1 meters to 6 meters and can be custom made to fit your ceiling specifically. They’re also very adaptable due to the vast range of colours they come in. The standard are black, silver and white but can more or less be ordered in any colour you can think of. Usually, they are 20W and 1700 lumens. If you for instance, got a big office space or want to bring focus to a bigger area of a room like a bar counter or a cash register, these lights come in great handy.

Dropped Ceiling / Tiled Ceiling or Tiles system / modular ceiling:

Apart from open ceilings, dropped, tiled and modular ceilings are common occurrences in commercial buildings. A dropped ceiling is a secondary ceiling, hung below the main ceiling and is often used to hide building infrastructure and control acoustics. Tiled ceilings consist of lightweight tiles that most often are placed in an aluminium grid. They are generally designed to either improve the acoustics of a room or to reduce the volume of air being cooled or heated. Last, but not least we have the modular ceiling which is a type of fabricated ceiling. They are often built in remote panels and are a common occurrence in commercial buildings like offices and retail shops.

The ideal use of light for above-mentioned ceilings would be similar as to open ceilings, except here, you’ve got two mount options which are surface or recessed installation of the fittings.
Concrete Ceiling: / Fire Rated Ceiling:

Concrete Ceilings are often used in buildings where fire safety is the first priority. Using recessed fixtures or cutting holes in a concrete ceiling is tricky which is why suspended linear profiles or track lighting would be the best option here.

Sloped Angled Ceiling:

Sloped and angled ceilings need suspended lighting to make sure the lights are installed on evenly when mounted to the sloping section. Another alternative is to surface mount them along some timber, steel or aluminium beams.

The linear profile up and down light is perfect for these settings as it really brings attention to the beautiful aesthetics of a sloped ceiling. The commercial downlight come in 20W and 1700 lumens or 30W and 2500 lumens and have got a 120-degree beam angle. The colours available are cool, neutral and cool white (3000K/4000K/5550K). Flex lead and 3 pin plug are also included with these lights.

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