Commercial LED Building Lighting

Lighting Retail Shops Commercial Building:

Commercial LED building lighting is used in a number of different applications due to the technology and energy efficiency it comes with. One of the most common applications for this type of lighting is retail shops where LED track lighting plays a large role in the matter of look and design of a store. It is often used as a professional way of highlighting the essentials of a shop, but also for general lighting around an application in whole.

Structure – one good reason to why track lighting has become such a popular lighting type the past few years is thanks to their great flexibility. The tracks allow you move the light fittings up and down the rails, add/remove the light fittings and aim them in any desired direction. This comes in great use for retail stores where you might have frequently rotating displays and objects that may be in need of different illumination.

Spotlighting/wall washing – the LED track lighting can be ordered with different beam angles. Our standard range of 15W
track lights come with a 15 and 38-degree beam that allows for narrow spotlighting or wide wall washing. These lighting effects can be used as an excellent tool in a retail store as the narrow beam creates a pinpoint effect that is perfect for highlighting a brand or a “sale” sign in order to bring it attention.

To achieve more general lighting of the store, a wide beam angle can be used. These will create a nice and even illumination with one light fitting per meter of wall space and installed on a 1.5 – 1.75-metre distance from its targets.

Configurations – in order to form a lighting design after any type of application shape, LED track lighting allows you to build different track configuration by simply clicking the tracks together. If you e.g. are dealing with a very rectangular application, you may also form a rectangular configuration or run straights of track lighting throughout the store depending on how many walls you need fully illuminated. You can also form bendable and round tracks that can be up to 2 meters in length. The round tracks can for example, be added above a round clothing rack to add a playful touch to the interior.

Dimming – another essential feature of LED track lighting is the dimming. This is what will create that certain mood or atmosphere in a store. Our high-end range leaves you with the option of group or onboard dimming for a more customized illumination around your store.

Office Lighting Commercial Building:

Another good candidate for commercial LED building lighting are office spaces. Here, you can create excellent lighting using track lights and LED linear profiles, either on their own or combined.

If you got a smaller office space, LED track lighting is a great alternative to achieve pleasant high-quality lighting. As there will be people spending their days working in these applications, you have to make sure you keep some important office ergonomics in mind in order to avoid things like eye irritations or headaches that are usually related to poor task lighting. The comfort of the workers should always come first in an office building which is why it’s so important to use high-quality lighting.

A rule of thumb when using track lighting in an office space is to aim 70 percent of the light source onto the desks while remaining 30 percent stays on walkways. This way, the majority of light end up on the actual task area which will keep the worker focused and less responsive to surrounding distractions. The dimming can also be used as an important part of the office lighting as you can adjust the intensity of light according to the preference of the workers.

If you’re dealing with a larger office building, LED linear profile lights might be a better option. These come in 1,2 and 3-meter lengths that can be custom cut down to any given lengths in order to e.g. go with the length of a desk. You can also use LED linear profiles as additional lighting to track lights as they go perfectly over e.g. a reception area and can add a clean architectural touch to an office space.

Education LED Lighting:

Commercial LED building lighting in educational spaces goes by the same principle as for office lighting where focus and ergonomics come as a first priority. It’s important to use sufficient lighting of high quality in these buildings as you want to remain the concentration of the students at all times. This is easily achieved by using LED linear profiles that can be installed in different configurations depending on the look and type of educational application.

The light fittings can either be fixed or suspended depending on ceiling height. If you got an application with a ceiling height up to three meters, the best option is usually to surface mount or recess the light fittings to sit straight onto the ceiling surface. If you’re dealing with a tilted or very tall ceiling above three meters, a better alternative is to suspend the light fittings via suspension kits. These come in 1.5 and 3-metre lengths that can be adjusted to custom fit the given application.

LED Fittings for Commercial Building Ceilings:

Depending on what kind of building your application is located in, you will find a lot of different ceiling types such as tiles, bulkheads, dropped ceilings, beam ceilings, hollow-core slab ceilings, stretch ceilings, etc. The material types of these kinds of commercial building ceilings are normally wooden, timber, plaster, gyprock, concrete or steel. Depending on the application’s ceiling height and type, the best mounting method to use for your light fittings may differ.

Suspended – if you’re dealing with a very tall ceiling (around 4-6 metres) or an open ceiling that doesn’t have a real ceiling surface, you’ll find suspension to be the most suitable mounting method as you’d need to bring the light fittings down to a more convenient level or to simply have them hanging evenly from the ceiling.

Surface mount – surface mounting is the cheapest and quickest installation method where you simply attach the lights straight onto the ceiling surface. This mounting method can be used on most materials, even the rougher ones like concrete.

Recessed – an alternative to surface mounting is to recess the lights. This means a hole is cut in the ceiling surface where the track or the light fitting then is installed, making it sit flush with the ceiling. This a more time-consuming and expensive mounting method to use, but is perfect in cases where you want to achieve a very subtle and clean lighting design.

Lighting Design using Commercial LED Building Lighting:

Always make sure to have your lighting project done with as little complications as possible by seeking the right kind of help and advice. At LED Word we strongly recommend having a lighting plan done before committing you your project. This will help you and whoever is involved in the project to get a good overview of the lighting design and final outcome when planning and installing the lighting.

We can pride ourselves in having minimal lead time as well as over a hundred completed project. Call (02) 8091 2950 today to get your 2D/3D plan made along with quotes and a 15-minute free consultation about how to make the absolute best of your lighting design, or email us on [email protected]