Commercial LED Lighting

recessed mounting downlight

Recessed Mounting Downlights

A recessed downlight is characterized by its location. Holes must be cut so that the downlight, upon installation, sits even with the ceiling around it. This is a great option for commercial buildings or those who prefer a subtle light source since, unlike their surface counterpart, recessed downlights aren’t as obtrusive or obvious to those in the room.

To install recessed mounting downlights, a hole must first be cut in the ceiling where the light is to be installed. Usually, the diameter of the whole should measure 210 cm (or 6 to 8 inches around) and once installed, the light will sit flush with the ceiling. When cutting the holes, be wary of any electrical wiring behind the ceiling panels.

Surface Mounting Downlights

An alternative to recessed downlights would be mounting surface downlights instead. If a ceiling is made of concrete, or another material that is difficult to drill or cut into, these would be a much better fit since they can be installed straight onto the existing ceiling with minimal preparation required.

Surface downlights can also be used in buildings where energy conservation is of the utmost importance, as oftentimes, energy efficiency is comprised when so many holes are cut into the ceiling. While proper insulation may combat this problem, it is up to the owner or architect to decide which mounting method is ideal.

Surface Mounting Downlight
high ceiling downlights

High Ceiling Downlights

Large commercial buildings or warehouses are often outfitted with high ceilings to account for stacked merchandise, machinery, or merely aesthetic. To properly light these areas, LED strength must be at least around 30 watts, or alternatively, 2500 to 3100 lumens (a measurement of intensity).

If you are unsure which type of LED is ideal for your building, try using this common calculation. For every meter in the height of the ceiling, add 10 watts or 1000 lumens to the overall LED strength.

Generally, high ceiling downlights will be installed as surface downlights, since visual appeal is unnecessary when they are so high up. This will also result in cheaper installation, maintenance, and energy costs.

Architectural Downlights

For business owners wanting a creative touch or special flare to their downlight options, our newest in LED World’s architectural downlight series has a curved rim that adds both style and elegance. Unlike other companies on the market that merely offer white or incredibly plain downlights, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer customers an exceptional variety.

The curved style mentioned above is currently available in matte black, and the intensity of the included bulbs is plenty high for commercial buildings like offices, smaller warehouses, or stores. If you have any specific color, material, or size requirements, please do let us know.

architectural downlights

Commercial LED Track Lighting Systems

black commercial track lights
white commercial track lights

Although not as commonly used as overhead spotlights or downlights, track lighting is a great option for illuminating anything from a small office to an entire retail store. Because track lighting includes multiple bulbs that can be installed at once (since they’re all connected), this type of lighting is highly desired for businesses wanting a quick and easy lighting solution.

At LED World, we understand that your business will likely want the power to choose bulb colors, power outputs, and intensity, so our commercial LED track lighting systems come in a variety of different options that will suit any room.

First, the track lighting bulbs can be purchased in 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, or 40-watts in addition to being interchangeable among any track. The heads can be rotated 360 degrees, set at beam angles of 15, 30, or 45, and you can also pick your desired track light head shape. Longer, more narrow cylinders are ideal if you plan on focusing in on a specific area, since the narrow beam intensifies the directional light. Alternatively, rounder track light heads distribute the light in a wider ray and would be better used in larger areas where general illumination is desired.

If the ability to create mood lighting is important to your business, we also offer a 15W LED track lighting model that comes outfitted with a standard dimming function— perfect for art galleries or the point of purchase in a retail store.

As can be expected, our track lighting comes in standard matte black and white colors that are ideal for most commercial lighting applications. However, if you desire other colors— like blue, red, silver, gold, yellow, green, etc— we do have the ability to paint the fittings which will, in turn, create the shade of any color of your choosing.

suspended pendant lighting

Commercial LED Pendant Lights and Suspended Pendant Fittings

Because pendant lights are normally used to add a unique touch to a room or space, we like to custom make them for our clients depending on your specifications or desires. Similar to our custom track lighting, pendant lighting is available in plenty of different shapes and sizes.

We recommend these are installed over small workspaces like desks or near counters in retail stores because they provide perfect lighting for reading, writing, or small-detail work (like that performed at registers). Alternatively, they can also be suspended from higher ceilings if you prefer that installation method.

Our commercial LED pendant lights come in matte black and white for standard designs, but any custom color fitting can be included for an additional fee.

Commercial LED Strip Lighting

Unlike larger downlights or tracklights, LED strips are used for subtle illumination. Ideally, we recommend installing them under cabinets or in smaller areas of offices or stores to add mood lighting (dimming options are also available).

Because we know some of our clients have businesses with outdoor areas, we offer LED strip lighting that can be used both indoors or outdoors, and for additional sturdiness, the outdoor variety is waterproof.

LED strip lighting can also be purchased in different lumen outputs, more simply described as the light brightness, CRI levels, and color temperatures (either 3000K, 4000K or 5500K).

commecial LED strip lights
commercial spot lights

Commercial LED Spotlights

If you’re looking to highlight a focal point in your store or perhaps a specific poster or wall hanging in an office, spotlights are the perfect addition to the lighting in your building. We offer LED spotlights that can be installed either individually or as part of a pre-existing track light system. If you would prefer individual installation, you also have the option of it being a surface spotlight or one recessed into the ceiling (an option mentioned earlier in this guidebook).

Spotlights generally come in high intensity options since you are looking to center attention on your focal point, but if you’re looking for unique ways to make your lighting stand apart from other retail stores, we can also discuss include lower lumen bulbs or those of different colors.

Commercial Interior LED Lighting

Commercial Restroom Lighting

For the sake of energy efficiency, we recommend using a motion-activated sensor for restroom lighting, so that when no one is in the room, the lights are automatically off and not wasting money. The standard type of light used in restrooms is a “cool white,” with temperatures of between 5500K to 6000K, and we recommend this to all of our clients.

Because of the often white surroundings and mirrors, glare is an important consideration when installing restroom lighting, so make sure to consider whether you want lights installed directly above the sink area or whether those installed on a slight angle would be less likely to cause an unwanted glare.

Commercial Recessed Lighting

We just wanted to reiterate in our commercial interior LED lighting section that we are able to offer commercial recessed downlights in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and power outputs. While round and square are our most popular shapes, we are willing to customize for an additional fee, so don’t hesitate to contact us to receive an accurate quote.

Another option that is considered less often is installing recessed LED profile strips along ceilings, walls, or along floors boards. This technique can highlight specific aspects of the architecture or simply provide an alternative to plain lighting options.

Commercial Ceiling Light Fixtures

When installing commercial ceiling light products, your general options are surface, recessed, or suspended. While we have already discussed surface and recessed in detail, suspended ceiling lights are a great option for areas that require a bit more interior design and appeal— like retail stores or modern office buildings.

The options available to you will definitely depend on your ceiling light and the desired intricacy of your suspended light fixtures, and while these are a bit more labor-intensive to install, the end result is no doubt more appealing and attractive than standard surface ceiling lights.

commercial ceiling lighting

commercial walkway lighting

Commercial Walkway Lighting

For outdoor paths, garden lighting, or sidewalk illumination, we recommend using commercial walkway lighting of a very high lumen output or bulbs with a high wattage. Especially at night, these areas need to be properly illuminated to avoid safety concerns; however, if you would like to install the lighting closer to the ground, the intensity can be lessened a certain amount.

For spaces like shopping malls where outdoor lighting is commonplace, LED spotlights or commercial track lighting is ideal. Track lighting is especially nice for long walkways and paths where hundreds of bulbs will need to be used.

For areas where you want to ensure an even illumination and light distribution, we recommend either surface, recessed, or suspended downlights with wide beam angles. For more information on these types of lights, make sure to check out the beginning of this guide.

Commercial Lighting Fixtures & Fittings

Commercial LED Light Bulbs & Lamps

Thanks to modern advances in technology, LED lighting doesn’t technically come in lamps or bulbs— even though it is commonly referred to with these terms. Actually, LED lights use a chip format with electrons inside that emits very little heat since LED lights require far less energy than traditional halogen or metal halide fixtures.

If you’re looking to replace older bulbs in your building, we recommend using 40W to 60W LED fittings in place of a 150W metal halide. This process is also known as retrofitting.

commercial led lamps and bulbs

Commercial Office Lighting

Commercial Office Lighting

When considering lighting options for office buildings, do keep in mind that the productivity and happiness of hundreds of workers depends on your choices. Bright, glaring, or unappealing light could result in lower levels of satisfaction among workers and therefore lower efficiency (in terms of work completion). Studies have even shown that employee health and stress levels can be negatively impacted by improper or unfit lighting.

Because of this, LED World offers a range of commercial lighting products ideal for workspaces. We recommend approaching this purchase from a R.O.I. perspective (or return on investment basis) if you are having second thoughts about overhauling the lighting in your office building. Because workers will be under more ideal working conditions, in the long run you will save money since more tasks are being completed in less time.

Another office lighting dilemma is the lack of appropriate illumination at desks specifically that is normally uncontrollable. As a result, every employee is receiving the same amount of light (or LUX) regardless of their eye sight or individual need. We recommend using a figure of 40%— that is, desk lighting should be 40% greater than the lighting in hallways.

This can be achieved by using suspended LED linear pendant fixtures or even track lighting or spotlights above each individual desk.

Commercial LED Shop Lights

If you’ve read some of our other material, you would know that retail shop lighting is one of our most passionate products to sell. We understand the technical and psychological knowledge one must possess lighting that not only attracts customers but encourages them to buy merchandise, so please let us know if we can help you in this area.

Track lighting and downlights are our most commonly used commercial LED product in retail store applications, but we can discuss varying power output and color options to ensure your lighting design is unique to your specific store.

For reference, our lighting design package for retail stores generally includes the front window, product displays, visual merchandise areas, changing rooms, and register area where transactions are completed. The lighting used for each of these areas is different in nature, and we would love to explain the specifics further in one of our consultations.

Commercial LED Shop Lights

commercial retrofitting lighting

Retrofitting Commercial LED Lighting

If you currently have a retail store, office building, or other commercial space that is already outfitted with certain bulbs, we cannot stress enough the importance of retrofitting, or replacing old lights with more modern, efficient, or attractive options. Not only will your electricity bills decrease, but employee satisfaction will go up in addition to the aesthetics of your building.

To give you an idea of the approximate savings in your future, commercial lighting when retrofitted from 70W and 150W metal halide fixture bulbs to LEDs can save building owners up to 70% a year in lighting costs. In retail stores, savings of $2,500 to $10,000 yearly are not uncommon depending on the size of the space.

Commercial LED Lights Wholesale

Although we definitely offer wholesale pricing for our commercial lighting supplies, LED World also manufactures and imports high quality LED fixtures to suit any client need. Other electrical wholesalers with comparable products will charge 30-40% more for the same products we offer because there are so many stops on the way from manufacture to resale. At LED world, we control every aspect of the supply and management chain.

wholesale commercial lighting

Commercial Building Lighting

Unlike single-owner homes or residential spaces, commercial buildings require a different type of lighting— both in terms of design and intensity. To reiterate, our range of commercial building lighting is available in a wide variety of tracklights, downlights, and linear LED profile fixtures that are all customizable depending on your individual lighting desires.

Commercial Decorative Lighting

Decorative lighting, like the type you might find in trendy retail stores, normally comes with a DMX controller that allows you to change the color of the LED fitting immediately. This is done by adjusting the level of red, green, and blue colors in the LED unit. Surprisingly, mixing only these three colors results in almost any shade or hue you could imagine possible.

Additional keypads or controllers are also available if you have multiple decorative lighting products and want to control all of them as one unit for efficiency’s sake.

commercial decrotive lighting
commercial emergency lighting

Commercial Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is not only legally required, but should be included for both you and your employee’s safety. Emergency lighting consists of brightly lit exit signs and spitfires, which are often poorly designed or ugly to look at.

We encourage you to check out the commercial emergency lighting we offer at LED World because our slim range of exit signs with hidden downlights are much more visually appealing than more generic options.

Modern Commercial Lighting

LED World carries a variety of modern commercial lighting fixtures and fittings for buildings that are either being currently built or those being remodeled to incorporate more modern or aesthetically pleasing features.

Consider checking out the shapes, colors, and fixture types we offer that could add the unique touch you’re looking for in your commercial space.

commercial lighting design

Commercial Lighting Design

In addition to providing the products for your lighting needs, LED World is able to design the space and lighting solutions so that you don’t have to. We have special software that calculates and measure ideal LUX levels for projects, and it incorporates certain measurements like ceiling height and room size to provide the most accurate recommendation.

We always recommend trusting a professional commercial lighting design company because it can make a world of difference in the overall appeal of your interior space. Our team has over 25 combined years of experience in the lighting design of retail stores, art galleries, office buildings, or other commercial areas. At a bare minimum, we consider the following when designing for our clients:

  • Ceiling Height
  • Desired LUX Levels
  • Color Rendering Index Levels
  • Aesthetics of the Fixture or Light Itself
  • Budget
  • Activity occurring within the space
  • The optimal light position
  • Lighting Calculations
  • Beam Angles
  • Glare Factors

Commercial Outdoor LED Lighting

black track light system designer output

In addition to our exceptional line of products, we are proud to offer you with our lighting design expertise. For a free quote and consultation, give our team a call today at 1300 873 723 or email us at to discuss your project further.

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