Commercial led lighting

Lighting systems for commercial environments require important consideration. From offices to retail stores, the right lighting setup can impact all areas of a business, including customer experience, long term sales growth, and employee productivity. 

LED World can help design the perfect setup to suit your business’s needs. We supply a large range of customisable products and offer expert advice for commercial and industrial spaces.


Track Lighting Series

LED track lighting is suitable for a wide range of commercial and residential applications, making it one of the most flexible and adaptable lighting products available.


Track lighting systems are an ideal choice for retail shops, showrooms, art galleries, offices and industrial settings. Light concentration can easily be adjusted to suit individual needs and create dynamic spaces.  

Tracks are available in straight lengths of 1, 2, or 3 metres. They’re easy to customise and can be combined to create configurations such as squares, triangles, rectangles and U shapes. LED track lights clip into the tracks offering maximum versatility.

There are several mounting options available, including recessed, surface mounted, and suspended via wires using suspension kits. The choice of mounting adds greatly to the overall look and feel of commercial and industrial setups, and we can offer advice on the best design for offices, showrooms, art galleries, and many other commercial applications. 

Linear Lighting Series

The simple, elegant design of linear lighting provides an excellent aesthetic and architectural appeal. They’re suitable for a variety of commercial applications such as offices, retail spaces, shopping centres, hotels and universities.

These lights are highly customisable and easy to install. They’re available in standard lengths of 1.5 and 3 metres, but can be shortened to any length to suit every customer’s needs. They easily blend into their surroundings and can be finished any colour to suit a business’s particular branding or interior design.  

There are several mounting options available depending on the height and type of ceiling. Surface mounting is a common approach and involves installing the lights directly onto the ceiling. Suspended mounting is suitable for high ceilings or to bring lighting closer to the floor. Recessed lighting which is flush to the ceiling tends to be less common but can be suitable for spaces such as retail stores.

Linear Lighting Series

Mounting Methods

Surface Mounted Linear LED Kitchen Lighting

Surface Mounted

Recessed Mounted Linear LED Lighting For Kitchen

Recess Mounted

Suspended Linear LED Lighting For Kitchen

suspension Mounted


LED downlights are usually recessed into the ceiling to create a seamless look. They emit light in a downward direction and provide an general, wide beam. These lights are ideal for creating warm, ambient light in a variety of commercial settings such as offices, schools, retail spaces, and hospitality environments.

Low-energy LED downlights can offer important energy savings compared to fluorescent alternatives and offer a low maintenance, flicker-free performance. They’re extremely versatile and come in a range of options such as choice of beam and colour temperature to suit every business’s needs.

Downlights are an effective energy saving lighting solution and can be easily installed into the hollow space in the ceiling. They’re effective for fulfilling a variety of lighting roles such as accent lighting, general lighting and task lighting. 



The lighting scheme in an office is as important as picking quality furniture and deciding on the layout. An adequate amount of artificial lighting which is strategically placed not only makes it easier to see, but can also improve staff productivity and quality of life.

Getting the balance just right often requires strategic planning. It is necessary to consider how bright the office should be and the type of fixtures needed to achieve this. Dimmer fixtures will require a higher number of lights overall, whereas bright fixtures fill a bigger area.  

Task lighting, which refers to fixtures that provide concentrated light in a specific area is also an important consideration. These are usually strategically placed to illuminate desks and help employees see what they’re doing clearly. 

We provide expert design advice as well as all the products your office needs to achieve an ideal lighting scheme. 

Shops & Retail Stores

Our wide range of products are highly customisable and suitable for all shops and retail stores. Many business owners overlook the importance of lighting in retail environments, when in fact, it has a strong impact on customer experience and overall sales, and plays a crucial role in the purchasing decision.

The right lighting system creates a definitive ambience. It can entice shoppers to consider items they wouldn’t usually look at, enhance featured products, and communicate the quality of your products or services. An optimum lighting setup can also increase employee productivity and friendliness.

We are experts in commercial lighting projects and can offer advice on how to use lighting systems to create an optimal shopping experience. For instance, guiding customers and enticing them to spend more time in your store, creating long lasting impressions, and increasing the likelihood of customers returning in the future. 

Lighting Design Service

We offer expert advice on commercial lighting design. Whether you’re building from scratch or renovating your current setup, our design team can make tailored recommendations to create the perfect lighting project for retail spaces, showrooms, art galleries and offices. Once we’ve received your reflective ceiling plan and discussed your vision, we’ll assess your space and suggest the best type of lighting to suit your needs.