35W LED Track Lighting Fixtures

LED track lighting has in the past decade grown to be one of the most frequently used lighting products in applications like retail stores, office spaces, showrooms and art galleries. It’s wide range of flexible features along with the subtle and elegant design, makes LED track lighting a light fixture hard to compete with. Depending on the look of your application, in particular the ceiling height, you will be in need of different light outputs. The simple rule is to use a higher light output the taller the ceiling. A 15W model is used for lower ceilings and a 30W for a bit taller once. Thankfully there is also a model suitable for the very tall ceilings, which is the 35W track lighting model. These will ensure sufficient high-quality illumination where the lower light outputs won’t provide enough lighting.

Where are 35W LED Track Lighting Used?

The 35W LED track lighting fixtures are normally used in applications with a ceiling height of 4-6 metres or in shopping windows where the light output needs to be strong enough to sufficiently illuminate the window displays at day and night time. Some common applications for the 35W light fittings to be used are for example big hotel lobbies, shopping centres, museums and industrial applications that carry tall open ceilings.

How to install 35W Track Lighting:

The tracks can either be suspended or fixed straight onto the ceiling surface. The most common mounting method for the 35W fittings is however, to suspend the tracks as they normally are installed in very tall ceilings where the tracks need to come down to a more convenient level. The suspension is done via adjustable suspension kits that come in the standard 1,5- and 3- metre lengths. One suspension kit is needed per one metre of track.

35W LED Track Lighting Specifications:

The 35W LED track lighting fixtures are the biggest track lights available and measures 182mm (long) x 104mm (diameter). The light fitting comes in a sleek cylinder shaped design in black or white that easily blends in with any interior style and colorways. As a part of the higher end range, the 35W light fitting can be ordered with a 15-90 degree beam angle as well as onboard dimming or group dimming as an alternative to the standard wall dimming.

The 35W LED track light fitting has got a 90+ CRI level that will displays the colours as close as possible to the way a natural light source would. The light fittings also come with a 3 years warranty which will give you time to make sure you’re 100 percent happy with the product before actually committing to it.

Tracks and Configurations:

There are two track types available for the 35W LED track lighting fixtures, which is the single circuit track and the 3 circuit (4wire) track. The standard single circuit track allows for dimming of all the lights at once from a wall switch, while the 3 circuit track lets you group dim the lights in three different groups. This track is normally used to achieve different light levels on different objects or areas of a room. For more general dimming the single cicuit track is the best and cheapest alternative.

To ensure a lighting design suitable for any size and shape of application, the tracks can be joined together in order to form different configurations. The tracks are joined through straight, L or T joiners that allows the tracks to click together. These allow you to form anything from simple straight lines to squares and u-shapes or even circular track configurations.

Lighting Plans and Design/ Call to Action:

It’s of great importance to take those extra steps in order to achieve a successful lighting design. For a full lighting project, we always recommend having a lighting plan made which will give you a good overview of your project in whole. This will help everyone involved with things like exact positioning of the light fittings, how many lights will be needed and what distance from the wall etc, which in turn, will make your project a lot easier to target and carry out successfully.

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