12V Track Lighting Fixtures

What are 12V track lighting fixtures?

The LED lights themselves are 12V as they come with a 12V driver inside. The fact that they are low voltage means they are very safe to use and you don’t need an electrician to change them around to different locations on the track.

Which track do 12V track lights go into?

The track itself is 240V which comes in one, 1,2 and 3-meter lengths as standard, but can be custom cut into different sizes to fit the given application. Standard colors come in black and white.

Configurations – one thing that makes the 12V track lighting fixtures so versatile and adaptable is their configuration options. The tracks can be built into about any shape by simply clicking them into each other. Some common configuration shapes are straights, squares and U-shapes.

Straights: these are often used in long rectangular applications where you have a long wall space to illuminate.

Squares: this shape is used when you want illumination on all four walls in a room. You can also run straights through the square for some centered lighting as well.

U-shapes: these are used when you want to keep the entrance somewhat darker while focusing the illumination on the back and two side walls.

Round/bendable configurations: the latest addition to the market is the round or bendable tracks that can bring that little extra touch to the look of an application. They can for example be used above the cylinder shaped clothes racks or to simply give more playful aesthetics to a room.

Depending on the height and look of the ceiling the 12V led track lighting can be mounted using a few different methods.

Surface mounting – if the ceiling height is no taller than three meters it’s most common to mount the 12V led track lighting straight onto the ceiling surface.

Suspended – if you got a tall ceiling above three meters you can suspend the tracks by using suspension kits. These come in 1.5 or 3 meters as standard, but can be adjusted to desired length within the scale. Suspension can also be used in ceilings with a rough or uneven surface where surface mounting is not an option.

Recessed tracks – these tracks are installed by cutting a hole in the ceiling surface where the tracks then are placed so that they sit flush with the ceiling. It’s a more discreet mounting method as the tracks become a part of the actual ceiling.

Track types and dimming:

4 wire (3 circuit) – this track type allows you to group dim the tracks from a wall switch. The tracks are then installed in three different groups that you have the option to set the dimming on.

Single circuit – this is a cheaper track type that allows you to dim all the light at once from a wall switch. It’s the quickest and easiest dimming method to use for general dimming of an application.

Which wattage do 12 volt track lighting products are available?

15W – this 12 volt track lighting has got a neat cylinder shaped design with standard colours black and white. The size is 157mm x 65mm and colour temperatures come in 3000K/5500K. Beam angles are 15/38. It’s commonly used in applications like retail shops and art galleries.

30W – size: 157mm x 84mm. Colour temperatures are warm white and cool white (3000K/5500K) and beam angles 38/45. These lights are normally used in applications like showrooms and art galleries with taller ceilings.

40W- the 12V, 40W track light is 182mm x 84mm. Colour temperatures come in 300K/5500K and beam angles are 38/45 degrees. A 40W might be needed in applications with a ceiling height of 4-6 meters.

Prices and quotes of 12v track lights:

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