Commercial LED lighting consists of a range of higher lumen output fittings designed for retail shops, offices, showrooms, art galleries and educational facilities. This includes LED track lighting, linear LED lighting and commercial LED downlights, each of which has its own unique capabilities, while all providing light for different applications in a practical and aesthetically pleasing manner.

LED Track Lighting Fixtures

LED track lighting provides the most flexibility, because it is adaptable to just about any commercial space. Lights are mounted along a track that usually runs along a ceiling or is suspended from it. The fittings can be spun 360 degrees, tilted up and down, and repositioned along the track, making this a very practical solution for commercial building interiors.

Linear LED lighting has become more and more popular for commercial applications in recent years. With recessed, surface mount and suspended linear profiles, this style of lighting can suit many different ceiling types.

Our most recent breakthrough in linear LED lighting allows us to bend the profile to create circular profiles with a very modern look that is appealing to designers and architects.

You can paint linear LED profile lights, dim them, and choose from a range of different sizes and shapes.

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