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Replacement Options

We are regularly contacted by customers looking to replace a Rio halogen track light with a new LED track light.

Our track lights are compatible with the single circuit track you will already have in place. Your old halogen track fitting can simply be removed, and replaced with one of our 9W, 15W, 30W or 40W LED fittings. Typically, this is in a domestic setting and it is a 50W halogen to be replaced, so we recommend a 15W is the most suitable choice. However, if it’s in a commercial space there are the more powerful 30W and 40W options.

We advise that the entire fitting is replaced, rather than removing only the halogen globe and replacing it with an LED. This is because the fitting will have a halogen driver, and using it with an LED can result in it having a shorter life.

If you need any advice on replacing halogen track lights with more energy efficient and longer-lasting LED alternatives, we are happy to assist.

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