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What To Wear To A Retail Interview

The way that you present yourself at any job interview is an important part of your potential new employer’s first impression. The best clothing to wear to an interview for a retail store depends on the type of store you are interviewing for.

The basic rules for any retail interview are to make sure you present yourself in a polished and professional manner. If you will be interacting with customers on the shop floor, the potential employer will be thinking about how you will represent the company and the company’s products. Ensuring that your clothing is clean, pressed and fits well should be minimum standards for any retail interview. 

Beyond these basics, the best choice of attire can depend on the store. If you are interviewing for a high-end clothing store, for example, the employer may want to see that you have a good sense of style. This indicates that you will be able to give advice to customers, and that customers will trust your input. An employer at an electronics store, on the other hand, is unlikely to have the same criteria.

A good way to judge what to wear to a retail interview is to visit the store in advance, to see what employees are wearing on the shop floor. Given that it is an interview situation, opting for a smarter version of that style would be wise. Some fashion or design-sensitive environments (such as designer homeware stores) may be more likely to encourage employees to dress creatively. Consider whether your interview attire would allow you to fit in on the shop floor, and if it reflects the image you understand the company is trying to project.

If the store you are interviewing for provides an employee uniform, a standard interview approach of smart casual is usually appropriate, for example trousers or a skirt with a shirt or smart top. A suit is generally not necessary unless you are interviewing for a very high-end store, or the job is in a management or supervisory role.

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