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Areas To Consider

Lighting plays an essential role in putting together an aesthetically captivating showroom. Showrooms act as the storefront of the company, they inform customers about the product offerings and display items for sale. Since selling is the primary goal here, it is essential that all products be presented the most appealing light.

Product Display

Effective lighting enhances the appeal of any product, while poor lighting can have the opposite effect, actually making products less desirable to consumers. For example, in a paint shop showroom, the colour swatches and available product displays should stand out for customers.

Since the illumination of colours will have a huge impact on their appearance, it is important to highlight all products using professional lighting from a high quality source.

Product Display

Point Of Sale

Service counters and cash registers in a showroom need to be well defined to help direct customers to the service area. LED linear profiles are an excellent way to highlight the counter without detracting from the product displays. They can be customised to any length and colour to fit the desired purpose. These light fittings can be fixed or suspended in the same way as LED track lights. Suspended linear profiles give the room a very elegant and architectural look, bringing an extra touch of class to any showroom.

Office Spaces and Meeting Rooms

Choosing the right lighting in an office space impacts working conditions, productivity and overall aesthetics of the space. Staff will perform better in a healthy and suitably lit work environment created specifically for practical use. Attention must also be paid to the overall look of the lighting plan and the image impression it creates for visitors of your premise. Lighting in meeting rooms and all client facing areas of the premises should fit within a consistent lighting scheme to improve the overall design of the space.

Colour Rendering Index

Colour rendering refers to the way that a light source impacts the way a colour is seen by the human eye and how colour variations and shades are interpreted. The Colour Rendering Index or CRI is a scale from 1 to 100.

Track lights and linear pendant lights are commonly used in showrooms as they provide the excellent, high CRI illumination that is essential for displaying products at their best. Light fixtures with CRI levels less than 80 will make the colours look dull and washed out, making them unsuitable in a situation where it is essential to impress customers.


Trade Showrooms

Showrooms are all about products being nicely presented; as a general rule, you want to focus 70% of the light on the displays while the remaining 30% is used for ambient lighting. Creating optimal colour rendering and colour temperature conditions in your showroom will accurately represent the quality and details of your products. This ensures that the customer is able to precisely discern colour and texture of each product.

Car Showrooms

Cars are universally seen as a measure of wealth and luxury. Creating this feeling of opulence in a car showroom is all in the balance of task lighting and minimising glare and reflections off the metallic vehicle bodies. It is important to have an effective lighting plan than can be adapted when the showroom is rearranged. LED track lighting is not only very versatile in car showrooms it also compliments the sleek appearance of the vehicles on display. By getting the lighting right in your car showroom, you will entice customers to come in and to take a car for a test drive.

Furniture Showroom

In some cities, there are furniture showrooms on every street. One way to set you apart from your competitors is to create a lighting plan that reflects the mood of your brand. Using lighting to reflect your style will not only entice in your desired customers to enter, but also showcase the quality and colours of the furniture instore. Product ranges and styles change from time to time. LED track lighting is the perfect solution for furniture showrooms as they lighting heads can be moved along the tracks without the need for an electrician.



There are many competing elements to consider when specifying lighting for showrooms. LED World specialise in lighting design for showrooms and retail stores and can help you achieve the desired outcome for your project.

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Track Lighting
The major appeal of track lighting is its versatility and adaptability. The tracks come in various lengths which can be connected and configured to suit any space. Once the light heads are installed, they can be moved up and down the tracks and adjusted to direct the light into the desired focal point. This is optimal for showrooms that regularly change over the product ranges for new seasons or trends without the need for an electrician and expensive renovations.
Linear Pendant Lighting
Linear profile lighting has a sophisticated high-end look with the ability to surface mount, recess or suspended the fittings from the ceiling. LED World linear profile lighting is custom manufactured and can be aluminium powder coated any colour required to create a truly bespoke product. Linear lighting works well over service areas and desks within a showroom as it is excellent for task lighting and act as a sign post for key areas such as the sales counter.
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Timothy Tarjani
Timothy Tarjani
12:22 12 Aug 19
I can't express how much I love the timber pentant lights from LED World. For our new home, we tried to source as many locally made products as possible (misses loves that kind of thing). So for us, having that central light fitting over the kitchen bench, that was made in Australia, was a no-brainer and at a reasonable price compared to other Australian made product's we have purchased recently for our home.
Neon Xylofon
Neon Xylofon
11:01 01 Aug 19
As an artist I know that my artwork needs good light. Our gallery for the very best and I highly recommend them for advice and supply.
jarrod Jennings
jarrod Jennings
08:41 01 Aug 19
Thanks for helping us replace the old fluorescent lights in our furniture store. The space is now vibrant and our customers are already noticing the difference
Gary Bright
Gary Bright
03:13 01 Aug 19
Our space changes from a day-time cafe to a classy restaurant during the night. So we needed a lighting solution that was adaptive to our dynamic needs. Simon was able to provide sound advice on what the best solution was.
Deborah Burley
Deborah Burley
13:03 03 Jun 18
Simon and his team supplied me with new lighting for my kitchen and I couldn’t be happier. I’m loving the linear pendant light which hangs over the kitchen island bench — such a beautiful centre piece and I get so many great comments about it when guests come to stay. Thank you guys.
Callum Mundine
Callum Mundine
13:42 17 Aug 17
I worked with Simon on our latest art gallery project. He was able to offer an impressive amount of knowledge and advice about how to design and light up our space. I highly recommend working with the team at LED World!
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