Lighting in Showroom

Showrooms inform customers about a business’s product offerings and display items for sale. Since selling is the primary goal here, it’s essential that all products be presented in as appealing a manner as possible. Lighting plays an essential role in putting together an aesthetically captivating showroom.

Proper lighting can enhance the appeal of any product, while poor lighting can have the opposite effect, actually making products less attractive to consumers. For example, in a paint shop showroom you want the colour swatches and the available colour ranges to stand out in the eyes of customers. This is entirely a function of having the right showroom lighting.

Since the illumination of colours will have a huge impact on their appearance, it’s important to highlight all products using professional lighting from a high quality source.

Lighting In Showroom

Track lights are commonly used for showroom lighting as they provide the excellent, high CRI illumination that is essential for displaying products at their best. Light fixtures with CRI levels under 80 will make the colours look dull and washed out, making them unsuitable in a situation where it is essential to impress customers.

Showroom track lighting consists of tracks that click together, enabling them to be assembled in a range of shapes to fit the structure and size of any room. Common shapes include straight runs, squares and U-shaped track configurations. The choice is up to you; it’s all about finding what shape of track is the most flattering and beneficial for your specific showroom space.

Straight runs are used for very long wall spaces, and are usually run in two lines along the walls of a room.

Square tracks are perfect for a box-shaped room where all walls are in need of illumination. You can also run straights across the squares for supplementary illumination of displays in the centre.

U-shaped runs can be used when you need to light up the back and side walls of a room while leaving the entrance darker and more open.

15W Track Lighting

These showroom lights are used for ceilings lower than 2.8 meters. They come with a dimming option to allow you to dim all lights on the tracks, so you can direct more or less intensity of light onto different product displays.

30W Track Lighting

This form of showroom lighting is used for ceilings above 3 metres where the light needs to be more intense to properly reach the products on display. These fittings can be either surface mounted or suspended, depending on the height and look of the ceiling.

Suspension is used when you want to bring the lights down to a more convenient height. It can also be used if you have a showroom with an open ceiling where surface mounting isn’t an option due to the ceiling’s material or structure. These lights also come with wall dimming (as an added option) allowing you to dim the lights from a wall switch to tailor the atmosphere in the room.

Showroom Register Lighting

Counters and cash registers in a showroom often need some sort of distinction to draw attention. This can be done using LED linear profiles that can be customised to any length and colour to fit the desired target. These light fittings can be fixed or suspended in the same way as LED track lights. Suspended linear profiles can give the room a very elegant and architectural look, and bring that little extra touch of class to any showroom.

Showroom Lighting Design Layouts

Track lighting is very practical because you can divide the light output by aiming the fittings in different directions. A showroom is all about products being nicely presented; as a general rule, you want to focus 80% of the light on the displays while the remaining 20% is for walkways. This gives the products the majority of the illumination, which in turn will bring them the most attention.

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