Modern Shop Lighting Fixtures

Back in the day, there were not many shop lighting alternatives available on market and none of them were very aesthetically appealing nor energy efficient. They also needed constant maintenance resulting in very high running costs. Fluorescent lighting was used as the go-to shop lighting which just spread a poor illumination everywhere, making the store look dull and unappealing. Thankfully, we have come a long way regarding modern shop lighting fixtures, where today’s LED lighting technology is constantly developed and improved to reach even better standards.

LED Track Lighting

LED Track lighting is today the most frequently used light among the modern shop lighting fixtures thanks to its wide range of flexible feature that can turn any application into a piece of art.

The LED track light fittings come in a 15W, 30W and 40W model available in black and white as standard colours. The standard range includes the 15W light fitting that comes with wall dimming and a 15 and 38-degree beam angle.

For the higher end range, we offer a 30W and 40W light fittings that are used in applications with taller ceilings as well as in shopping windows where a strong light output is required for sufficient lighting. As alternatives to wall dimming, these come with group dimming and onboard dimming that lets you dim the light fittings in groups or individually. They also come with a 15-90 degree beam angle which allows you to create everything from narrow spotlighting to wide wall washing effects.

Thanks to their ability to be aimed in any direction, moved up and down the tracks and be removed or added from or to different tracks, track lighting normally makes an ideal light fixture to use for stores. They e.g. come in great handy for stores with rotating displays and objects in need of different types of illumination, but also for general lighting throughout the store. A lighting rule of thumb to use in retail applications is to use the 70/30 technique, which means 70% of the light is aimed at the store targets such as shelves and displays, while the remaining 30% goes on walkways. This will have the customers focused on the products and keep them from getting distracted during their shopping experience.

Mounting Options:

When installing track lighting as your choice of modern shop lighting fixtures, there are a few different mounting methods available depending on how tall the ceiling of your application is. In a ceiling below three metres, you can normally fix the light fixtures by either screw them in on top of the ceiling or recess them into the ceiling surface for a more subtle and elegant lighting design. When dealing with a taller ceiling above 3 metres, you will usually need to suspend the light fixtures to get them down to a more convenient height. This is done via adjustable suspension kits that come in the standard lengths 1.5 and 3 metres.

Track types:

The tracks come in 1, 2 and 3-metre lengths which can also be custom cut into ideal length for given application. Depending on what lighting design needs to be used for a certain application there are L-,T- and straight joiners available that joins the tracks together into different configurations. L jointers are used for square, rectangular or U-shaped configurations while T joiners are used to run a track across another track. Thanks to the joiners you can form a wide range of different configurations to create the ideal lighting design for any applications. End caps are included complete the track design by being attached to each end track.

The tracks are available in a single circuit and a 3 circuit (4 wire) track model that allows for different types of dimming on the light fittings. A single circuit model allows for dimming of all the lights at once from a wall switch, while a 3 circuit track lets you dim the lights in three different groups. The 3 circuit track are normally just used in applications where different light levels are needed on different areas or objects of a room.

LED Linear Profile Lights

LED Linear Profile lights are often used as a modern replacement for fluorescent lighting as they are a more energy efficient and aesthetically appealing light of much higher quality that on top of this, requires close to no maintenance.

The light fittings come in 1, 2 and 3-metre lengths that can be custom cut to fit given application. The standard light fittings come in matte black, matte white and anodized. For certain orders, the light fittings can also be painted into any desired colour to fit e.g. fit special interior designs and colorways.

LED linear profiles can be surface mounted, recessed or suspended depending on the application and what look you want to achieve. The light fittings are often suspended for aesthetic purposes in order to give a more elegant and architectural feeling to an application. This can e.g. be in a retail store above a cash register or in a bar to illuminate the counter area.


Lightboxes can be used as an exceptional tool to make a store more noticeable which makes them a great addition to your modern shop lighting fixtures. The lightboxes can be ordered in any shapes and sizes and can either be surface mounted or suspended to the ceiling. The graphics can easily be removed and replaced which makes it very flexible and quick to use at change if displays. Lightboxes are normally put in shop windows or in-store to promote brands and be used as visual merchandising.

Call to Action Lighting Plans and Working with Designer:

Always take your time and make careful planning before actually committing to a lighting project to achieve the best possible results. Lighting has such a great impact on an application in whole, which is why a lighting design should never be rushed through. A lighting designer can help you with things like ceiling height, what distance to install the lights from the product displays, CRI levels, lumens, beam angles, window lighting levels, budget, quotes and much more.

LED World is here to make your experience as easy and straightforward as possible. Being a part of the lighting industry for over a decade with a large number of completed projects, we are confident to provide our customers with expert services and high-quality products with quick lead times. Contact us to get a lighting plan made along with quotes and expert advice to help you reach your lighting design goals. Call (02) 8091 2950 today for a 15-minute free consultation with one of our lighting experts or email us on [email protected]