Fluorescent Shop Lighting

Up until the early 90’s, it was hard to find professional high-end lighting that had more than just a practical value in a store. Most shops were using fluorescent shop lighting that spread light everywhere resulting in very poor, unspecified illumination. Today this type of lighting goes about as far as for a $2 shop and possibly budget retail store selling low-end products. People started paying closer attention to other stores which offered higher-end solutions that had a more aesthetically appealing effect.

The lighting says a lot about a store and needs to be equivalent to what is being sold. If the light is bad, customers will instantly make an assumption about the store in general and think negatively of what is being sold. You always want to avoid giving your store that budget, low-quality impression.

Track Lighting vs Fluorescent Lighting:

As mentioned above, fluorescent shop lighting will always have a negative effect on the aesthetics of a store as it throws light everywhere instead of being more customized and focused on specific targets. A better alternative is to use track lighting as your go-to shop lighting which will give you so much more freedom and flexibility to create an ideal lighting design perfectly made for a particular application.

A common misconception is that light fixtures such as fluorescent lighting and downlights are cheaper alternatives to track lighting as these light fittings are cheaper to buy than track light fittings. What people often don’t realize is however, the fact that the installation of the track lights is a lot cheaper than of another type of light fittings as they just need two screws that go directly into the ceiling where power is run to one end of the track. Other lights cost less initially but once you add the huge labor costs of running a cable to each light, the cost ends up being higher which at the same time give you a less energy efficient and aesthetically appealing lighting.

A very powerful feature of track lighting is the fact that it allows you to aim the light is any direction as well as move the light fittings around on a more or less unlimited variety of track configuration alternatives. This gives you the option to focus the light output on what you want the customer’s attention drawn to. A rule of thumb is to focus 70% of lighting onto the products and the remaining 30% on walkways. This was the main focus stays on the products which leave less room for surrounding distractions. Fluorescent shop lighting, on the other hand, would just cast light all over the place which to begin with, looks very unappealing in a store and second, won’t have the customers attention drawn to anything in particular as you can’t focus the light source on specific areas or objects.

Our track lighting range come in a 15W, 30W and 40W model with a sleek cylinder shaped design in black or white as standard. The subtle and elegant light fittings easily blend in with any interior style and colourways.

The standard range includes the 15W fitting with wall dimming and a 15 and 38-degree beam angle that allows for narrow spotlighting as well as wider wall washing effects.

The higher-end range come in a 30W or 40W model that’s got group dimming from the wall and onboard dimming straight on the light fittings themselves as an alternative to the standard wall dimming. They also come with a 15-90 degree beam angle included, which allows for everything from narrow spotlighting to very wide wall washing.

Where is Fluorescent Lighting Okay in Shop?

Although fluorescent lighting would never be recommended for a store, there is a modern day fluoro light that actually comes in the form of a LED batten that is 600mm or 900mm long. Much like the fluorescent shop lighting, it’s got a 120 degree light spread that throws light everywhere and is very untargeted. These lights should therefore only be put mainly in places like stockrooms or somewhere in need of very basic, general lighting only. This could also be a pharmacy or a very low end $2 shop type of place where the light quality and aesthetics is not prioritized.

LED Batten Specifications:

The LED Batten come in a 20W and 40W light output that in cool white (6000K). The light fittings are surface mounted and have got a light and slim design, ideally for very practical and general use.

Lighting Design for Shop Lighting:

Always make sure you’ve gathered enough information and knowledge about your store lighting before committing to a project. Lighting may sometimes seem quite simple and irrelevant although it’s in fact, extremely essential for the way an application looks and operates. This is why it’s so important to make sure you know what you’re doing in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

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