Best Shop Lighting Fixtures

The biggest mistake a retailer can do is to choose the wrong lighting for their store. Even if it sounds hard to believe, a poor lighting choice can ruin even the finest interior design and hugely affect the customer’s desire to buy the products. We could probably all think of a place where we’ve experienced a less pleasant shop environment where fluorescent tubes or poor unorganized light fittings has had us wanting to turn back at the entrance.

You can think of the lighting as that important little final detail that will determine whether the store is a giant success or big hot mess. Retailers sometimes seem to look at the shop lighting as a small irrelevant part of the overall store design without realizing how greatly it will affect what level of attraction the shop will land on.

Track Lighting for Retail Shops:

Track lighting is in most cases the best shop lighting fixtures to use in a retail shop due to their great flexibility and subtle design that leaves you with an endless amount of options and possibilities. These are things that usually are well needed in a retail shop as there is a constant require for changing of displays and stock as well as to move things around. What’s so great about track lights, is the fact that they’re designed in a way that allows you to move the light fittings up and down the track, change them around and aim them in any direction needed.

In a retail store, it’s all about directing the customers in a way so that they will buy the products. This is by far easiest done by using track lighting as a tool. The light fittings can be ordered with different beam angles that allows you to highlight and wall wash. This comes in great use in store as you might want to bring lots of attention to certain products or areas in the shop. You can for example, use a narrow beam angle to pinpoint a brand or a sign while using wide beam angles to wall wash a “sale” section.

Track lighting is also perfect for walkways and aisles as you can use them for direct and indirect lighting, which means you can focus more light onto the products in the aisles while keeping the actual walkways darker. A rule of thumb is to focus 70-80% of the light output onto products while keeping what’s left of the light source on the walkways. This way, people’s attention will be more drawn to the products on display.

Another thing that makes LED track lighting a winner on the list for best shop lighting fixtures, is their high CRI. If you compare a store illuminated by fluorescent lighting or some other low-CRI lighting you will instantly notice a huge difference in how the colours are displayed. Low-quality lighting won’t display the colours in their true way, but will only make them look dull and washed out. LED track lighting on the other hand, have a CRI of 90, which means it will display the colours very close to the way a natural source would display them. Using high-CRI lighting will in other words, have the entire store looking nice and vibrant with radiant colours.

Lightbox signs for Shops:

There are many lighting techniques you can use to make your store come alive and attract customers. An excellent tool is to use lightboxes (also known as light signs) in your store. These are very easily spotted even from a far distance and will catch people’s attention a lot more than. The lightboxes can for example, be displaying a brand, the store name, directions etc. Big light boxes that display photos can be used in the shopping windows which will make the store more visible from the outside.

Best lighting for fitting rooms:

A lot of retail stores seem to forget about one tiny little detail that can have a huge effect on the sales, which is the change room lighting. Many stores make the big mistake to misposition the light source or simply not have enough light in their fitting rooms, resulting in unsatisfied customers and decreased sales.

A common mistake is to put one single downlight positioned above the head of the customer. This cast unflattering shadows in the customer’s face and over the body area.

Another mistake is to choose the wrong colour temperature on the lighting. Many retail stores choose to install lights with a colour temperature too cool. This will result in a very clinical feeling and is not a very flattering light as it makes every little detail of the body more visible as well as making the skin tone look very pale.

A third mistake retail shops make is to use bad quality lighting with a low CRI. This type of light will create a misrepresentation of the colour tones which makes them look dull and washed out which is obviously not a hit when you’re trying to sell a garment.

How to light up your change room:

Be aware of where you place the lighting – successful change room lighting should have lights placed along the two sides of the main mirror. This will remove all types of shadows as the light hits the person straight in the front. You can also use downlights or track lighting in the ceiling, but make sure they’re not placed straight above the head of the customers. A more successful design is to position the lights in a square above the head of the person. This way, no direct light is hitting the face and body and a more soft and even lighting is achieved without any unflattering shadows.

Make sure you pick the right colour temperature – as mentioned above, a very cool colour temperature on the lights will look too revealing on a person. Choosing a warmer white colour temperature will create more yellow tones that softens out the edges and makes everything look a lot more smooth and flattering.

Only install high-CRI lighting – choosing high-quality lighting with a CRI of at least 85+, you can be sure that the colours are displayed in a truthful way, which will make them look clear and radiant.

Consider having different settings on your change room lighting – something that can largely benefit the quality of a store’s change rooms is the option to have different types of lighting available for the customer. You can through a switch next to the mirror, give the customer the option to change the light so that it gives a representation of daylight, indoor lighting and evening lighting.This way the person have a chance to see how the piece of clothing changes in the matter of look and colour under different lighting conditions.

Best shop Lighting Designs:

Not only are the correct fitting important but so are the locations of the lights and the way they are installed. Getting a shop lighting design or plan completed will make it easier for you to successfully complete your lighting project and avoid any sort of mistakes along the way.

LED World offers 2D/3D lighting plans that will help you get a clear picture of what your project is going to look like as final outcome. It will show you things like positioning of the fittings and how the lights will display on merchandise etc. It will also help whoever is installing the lights to know where the lights should be placed and how many fittings should be used etc.

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