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Commercial Lighting Guide

Building Code of Australia

The Building Code of Australia has regulations governing energy consumption by lighting, per square metre. All lighting schemes should ensure they consider these regulations, and the Australian Building Codes Board website has a calculator to help you check your compliance:

Government Rebates for Commercial LED Lighting

A number of Government schemes are available to help subsidise the cost of replacing halogen lighting with more energy- and cost-efficient LED alternatives. These vary by territory, so the scheme available to you will depend on your location. You can find more information on rebates on the Australian Government Department of the Environment and Energy website:

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Types Of Projects

Retail Stores

Lighting can be overlooked when designing a retail environment, but it’s an integral part of a customer’s shopping experience. The right lighting solution will help invite customers into your store, encourage them to spend more time browsing and, ultimately, positively impact sales.

Lighting can highlight certain featured products or displays, and helps create the desired ambience. The optimum solution will vary significantly depending on factors such as the type of products on sale, your customers and the retail space. A large clothing store requires a very different approach to a small artisan bakery.

We are experts in commercial lighting projects, and can advise how to customise the best set-up for your store using our wide range of products.


Office lighting is far more than just a functional requirement. The right lighting scheme can improve productivity, help create zones within an open-plan office space and give a positive, professional impression to both staff and visitors.

Devising a lighting scheme for an office requires strategic planning. It’s important to consider the layout of furniture, to ensure that all workspaces have an adequate amount of overhead light. Some areas may also require task lighting, to give concentrated light in a specific area. There might be meeting areas to consider, where dimmer fixtures are needed to lower the light levels to deliver presentations. Break areas may benefit from softer, warmer and more relaxing light, and a Linear Profile may help distinguish a reception area.

With our extensive experience in devising office lighting schemes, we can work with you to create the optimum scheme for the needs of your business.

Art Galleries

Lighting artwork well, to display it at its best, is fundamental to the success of art galleries. Creating the right scheme will ensure that artwork is cleanly illuminated, with no awkward shadows, that colours are accurately represented and that the gallery has the right ambience. As exhibits can change regularly, you may want to opt for lights with a variable beam angle, that can provide a narrow or wide beam as needed. Dimmable lights can help a customer envisage how artwork may look in their home setting.

We can work with you to produce an adaptable lighting scheme that can adjust to the needs of your changing exhibitions.


School environments need clear, bright lighting for focus and concentration. We recommend choosing lights with a Cool White colour temperature (close to natural daylight), which offer a vibrant, white light. Ambient lighting can be accented with task lighting where special focus is needed. A spotlight with a narrow beam angle can highlight information or work displayed on walls or in corridors, and dimmable lighting may be needed in certain areas for performances or presentations.

We can help with planning a customised scheme to suit your specific school environment.

Colour Rendering Index

The Colour Rendering Index (CRI) works on a scale from 1 to 100. The term colour rendering refers to how a light source affects the way is colour is seen by the human eye, and how colour variations and shade are interpreted.

A high CRI level – ideally higher than 90 for optimum results – means that the lighting source will more accurately represent the true colours of an object. The CRI level is always an important consideration for commercial lighting projects, but even more so in settings such as art galleries and retail stores. Using low-CRI lighting in a clothing store, for example, could leave products looking dull and washed out, whereas a high CRI level will ensure they are vibrant.


Track Lighting Series

LED track lighting is suitable for a wide range of commercial and residential applications, making it one of the most flexible and adaptable lighting products available.

Track lighting systems are an ideal choice for retail shops, showrooms, art galleries, offices and industrial settings. Light concentration can easily be adjusted to suit individual needs and create dynamic spaces.

Tracks are available in straight lengths of 1, 2, or 3 metres. They’re easy to customise and can be combined to create configurations such as squares, triangles, rectangles and U shapes. LED track lights clip into the tracks offering maximum versatility.

There are several mounting options available, including recessed, surface mounted, and suspended via wires using suspension kits. The choice of mounting adds greatly to the overall look and feel of commercial and industrial setups, and we can offer advice on the best design for offices, showrooms, art galleries, and many other commercial applications.

Commercial Track Lighting

Linear Lighting Series

The simple, elegant design of linear lighting provides an excellent aesthetic and architectural appeal. They’re suitable for a variety of commercial applications such as offices, retail spaces, shopping centres, hotels and universities.

These lights are highly customisable and easy to install. They’re available in standard lengths of 1.5 and 3 metres, but can be shortened to any length to suit every customer’s needs. They easily blend into their surroundings and can be finished any colour to suit a business’s particular branding or interior design.

There are several mounting options available depending on the height and type of ceiling. Surface mounting is a common approach and involves installing the lights directly onto the ceiling. Suspended mounting is suitable for high ceilings or to bring lighting closer to the floor. Recessed lighting which is flush to the ceiling tends to be less common but can be suitable for spaces such as retail stores.

Commercial Pendant Lighting

High Bay Lighting

High bay lighting is often used in commercial and industrial settings with very high ceilings, such as factories, warehouses or gyms. In these vast environments, lighting needs to cover a large vertical as well as horizontal space. These very powerful lights are typically suspended from ceilings and provide clear, uniform lighting with little glare. Using LED high bay lighting can improve energy efficiency, offer a better lighting quality and also reduce maintenance requirements, given their long lifespan.

High Bay Lighting
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Lighting Design Service
If you are building or renovating and not sure which lights to use where, we offer a lighting design service. Simply send us your reflective ceiling plan (floor plan) and let us know your desired outcome. Someone from our design team will access your space and make a calculated recommendation of what type and how many lights you need.
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Timothy Tarjani
Timothy Tarjani
12:22 12 Aug 19
I can't express how much I love the timber pentant lights from LED World. For our new home, we tried to source as many locally made products as possible (misses loves that kind of thing). So for us, having that central light fitting over the kitchen bench, that was made in Australia, was a no-brainer and at a reasonable price compared to other Australian made product's we have purchased recently for our home.
Neon Xylofon
Neon Xylofon
11:01 01 Aug 19
As an artist I know that my artwork needs good light. Our gallery for the very best and I highly recommend them for advice and supply.
jarrod Jennings
jarrod Jennings
08:41 01 Aug 19
Thanks for helping us replace the old fluorescent lights in our furniture store. The space is now vibrant and our customers are already noticing the difference
Gary Bright
Gary Bright
03:13 01 Aug 19
Our space changes from a day-time cafe to a classy restaurant during the night. So we needed a lighting solution that was adaptive to our dynamic needs. Simon was able to provide sound advice on what the best solution was.
Deborah Burley
Deborah Burley
13:03 03 Jun 18
Simon and his team supplied me with new lighting for my kitchen and I couldn’t be happier. I’m loving the linear pendant light which hangs over the kitchen island bench — such a beautiful centre piece and I get so many great comments about it when guests come to stay. Thank you guys.
Callum Mundine
Callum Mundine
13:42 17 Aug 17
I worked with Simon on our latest art gallery project. He was able to offer an impressive amount of knowledge and advice about how to design and light up our space. I highly recommend working with the team at LED World!
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