Art Gallery Lighting Tips

The lighting in your art gallery plays a very important role; not only will the light fittings themselves influence the overall design of the room but also hugely affect the aesthetics of the artwork. You can, in fact, look at the lighting as a piece of art itself when done in the right manners. It can either bring your entire gallery space down or give it a complete facelift. This is why it’s so important to know how to use your lighting to benefit your application in best possible way. Below are a few simple art gallery lighting tips that will help you turn your art gallery into a beautiful visual experience.

Creating Wall Wash:

Wall washing is a great lighting technique to use on wider areas or an entire wall space of an art gallery and is best created using LED track lighting. To achieve the wall washing effect, some good art gallery lighting tips is to install the light fittings 1.5 – 1.75 metres away from the wall using one light fitting for every meter of wall space. Standard is to use a 15W light output with a 38-degree beam angle.

Creating Spot Effect:

Sometimes you might have a smaller artwork that you want to illuminate which usually needs individual illumination in order to catch someone’s attention. To create a pinpointing effect with your track lights, you need to use a narrow beam angle that shoots the lights onto a small limited area only, which will work as highlighting on the artwork.

Colour Rendering or CRI:

A very important detail in your art gallery lighting tips, is the CRI which will determine how the colours appear under the light. It’s always recommended to use lighting with a CRI-level as high as possible which should never be under 85+ but preferably above 90+ for best results. Using low-CRI lighting will make the colours appear dull and washed out which will ruin the appearance of the artwork. Choosing a higher CRI will make the colours pop and have the art pieces come to life.

Standard Fitting Range: 15W

We have a standard range of 15W track lighting that comes with 15 and 38 degree fixed beam angles as well as wall dimming that allows for dimming of all the light fittings at the same time. The standard range comes with a CRI-level option of 85 or 90. Choose between elegant black or a subtle white light fitting.

High-End Range:

Our high-end track lighting range will bring optimal aesthetics to your gallery space. The light fittings are available in 15W and 30W light fittings that’s got 95+ CRI-level which will display the colours as close as possible to a natural light source. This range allows you to choose between wall dimming or onboard dimming which is individual dimming of each light fitting. The beam angles start from 10 degrees up to 90 degrees which allow for everything from narrow spotlighting to wide wall washing effects.

Installation Distance from Wall:

As mentioned in previous art gallery lighting tips, what distance from the wall you choose to install your lights will affect the way the light appears on the artwork. A 1.5-1.75 metre distance is the recommended positioning of your light fittings which will create a nice and even illumination onto the art pieces. In some cases, where you have an application with a ceiling height of 4-6 metres you’ll also need to suspend the lights in order to bring them down to a more suitable level and hit the objects correctly.

Call to Action Lighting Plan:

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