There are many commercial lighting applications involving different light fittings that can be installed in various ways to suit the needs of a range of projects and applications. While many commercial lighting applications incorporate similar products, they each use different mounting systems, and are installed according to instructions specifically tailored to the particular project.

The lighting in an art gallery has a huge impact on how an artist’s work is portrayed, and thus, on how the viewer perceives and experiences the art. There are many different products in this market, and various techniques to illuminate artworks within art gallery spaces. Some of the most important factors when designing lighting for art galleries are the CRI level (colour rendering), dimming, and using beam angles suitable for works of different sizes.

Museum spaces often require similar solutions to those of art galleries, but with some differences with respect to beam angles. The biggest difference is that museums will use sharp and precise beam angles to pinpoint objects within glass cabinets or on larger pylons.

Many of us know what it’s like to sit down at a desk to work for eight hours a day; it can become extremely tiring. At LED World we love the idea of using innovative lighting solutions for office areas that proactively keep employees focused, and reduce fatigue by putting less strain on the eyes.

The way a product is perceived within a showroom has a critical impact on its sales level. Showrooms must have products illuminated precisely, with the majority of the light being focused directly on the items being displayed.

Retail lighting design is a mix of art and science. You need to understand the different fittings that are available, like track lighting, as well as technical terms such as lumens, CRI and LUX levels. The positioning of the lighting is also very important in helping get customers through the front door, toward the products for sale, and ultimately to the checkout line with a purchase in hand.

Visitors to salons and spas want to experience a pleasant setting that will make them feel comfortable. Certain lighting techniques, such as reducing glare, can enhance customers’ relaxation levels, increasing their enjoyment of the services you provide. With the correct lighting design and advice, you can help make customers feel at home, so that they want to keep coming back.

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