About LED World

LED World is a professional lighting company based in Sydney, Australia, that specialises in lighting design, consultation, and supplying materials for commercial projects.

Our team works daily with interior designers, architects, and retail chains to ensure the final product is something we are proud to stand behind. Our speciality lies in retail lighting, and we have a passion for perfecting the effect lighting has in-store and on consumer’s experiences.

What sets LED World apart from our competition is our ability to manufacture custom products based on specific client demands, and our ability to guarantee a quick, reliable service with a steady supply of high-quality commercial fittings.

Simon Mundine

  • 10 Years Retail Lighting Experience
  • Product Design and Manufacturing
  • Sales and Marketing

Kristin Eriksson

  • Graphic Artist
  • Branding
  • Lighting Sales

Lee Walker

  • 15 Years Lighting Design
  • Design of Levis Flagship Store London
  • 2D/3D layouts, Dialux and Relux

Feri Illeki

  • 12 Years Lighting Design
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Lighting Consultancy

 How can we help you?

      • Lighting Design.
      • Quoting Projects.
      • Lighting Consultation.
      • High-Quality Products with Great Prices.

We offer the following services

      • Consultation in Person or Over the Phone.
      • Free Layout Designs for Ceiling Lighting.
      • Custom Product Designs.
      • High-Quality, Competitive Pricing.
      • Quick Delivery.

Clients We Have Worked With

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Simon Mundine

L.E.D World Director

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