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Every type of commercial application has a different set of needs to consider when devising a lighting scheme. There are general principles to follow, but the specific requirements of an art gallery will be different to those of a salon, for example. We have delivered lighting schemes for a wide range of commercial applications such as offices, retail stores, restaurants, gyms and museums, as well as residential projects. Whether you are looking to light a small cafe or a large art gallery, we can provide a bespoke solution.

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Lighting Design

Lighting is a vital part of the overall design of any commercial space. A well-designed lighting scheme can ensure office staff have sufficient light to carry out detailed tasks within a large, open-plan office space, or encourage customers to linger in the welcoming atmosphere of a cafe or a boutique retail store.

Good lighting can increase footfall and dwell times, improve sales, and encourage productivity. Whatever the application, we have extensive lighting design experience and can work with you to create the optimum lighting scheme for your environment and needs.

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Lighting Consultation

How a space is lit has a significant impact on the way it is used and experienced. You may know how you’d like a space to function or feel, but uncertain on how to use light to achieve that outcome.

This is where a lighting consultant can help, working with an architect, builder or client to design and implement a scheme that caters to your needs. Our services are customised to your project, whether large or small, from producing a lighting plan through to supply and installation of the agreed design.

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Lighting Supply

We offer a wide range of track fittings and accessories, to cater to a variety of commercial and residential projects. Our fittings are versatile and can be combined to create track solutions of any size, scale and configuration.

We have track lights available in varying colour temperatures and beam angles, plus a specialised collection for use in art galleries. Our linear pendant lights are a popular alternative to track and offer sleek architectural design, with a choice of mounting options, light directions and colour temperatures to suit your scheme.

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